Lupin Season 3 Release Date, Cast, Plot, Trailer and more

Audiences must hold their breath in anticipation of the return of the Lupin Season 3 with its superstar fan-favorite character Assane Diop, the gentleman thief of the show. 

The show’s creator, George Kay, is putting up Lupin Part 3 to entertain his fans. As in previous seasons, everything is in place to release all suspense threads and twisting thrills.


George Kay indicated in January 2021, just before Part 2 was slated to air, that his team was ready to plan for Season 3 and that they had begun a conversation concerning the storyline. So what will the third season’s storyline be like? 

Lupin Season 3 Release date 

The creators have not yet confirmed the release date of Lupin the third part 3. Therefore, there has been no assurance as to when it will be released. However, in a January 2021 interview, Kay claimed that season 3 of Lupin would most likely be screened in 2022. However, there isn’t a single video that tells us when Lupin Season 3 will be released.

So, there are no expectations that it will be released in 2022. 


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Lupin Season 3 Cast 

The Lupins’ cast was the same in two seasons before; therefore, there was no mention of a new character. And while we may anticipate the same cast members in Part 3, do not expect new faces in season 3 of the Lupin show.   

 The following actors will serve to containerize the play further:

  • Assane Diop is a role played by Omar Sy as a professional thief.
  • Etan will be back as Assane’s ex-girlfriend, and Ludivine Sagnier plays Raoul’s mother in the role of Simone-Clotilde.
  • Hesme plays Juliette Pellegrini.
  • Hervé Pierre plays Assane’s childhood crush and Hubert’s daughter.
  • Assange’s teammate, Philippe Courbet, is played by Stefan Crepon.
  • Leonard (Adame Niane), the kidnapper, will not return for the second season.
  • Fargas Assange is played by Assane’s father, Fargass Assange.
  • Shirine Boutella and Vincent London star as Soufiane Guerra, the police officer who first notices.

Because these are the same characters who appeared in Lupin’s previous two seasons and are likely to return, there has been no mention of a new character’s appearance. 

Lupin Season 3 Cast 

Lupin Season 3 Trailer

We can’t anticipate the teaser to reveal what to expect in Season 3 of Lupin until the production crew agrees to participate in the filming of Lupin Part 3 Netflix. There has been no word about the trailer as of yet. The Lupin season 3 trailer was nowhere to be found. Netflix hasn’t confirmed that it’s a trailer, and the franchise hasn’t revealed any details about its production. 

Lupin Season 3 Plot

So, season 3, part 2, was ended by showing Hubert Pellegrini in handcuffs and the late Babakar’s not guilty for the murder and Assane’s identity clear. Even though the detectives were on his tail, Assane said an emotional goodbye to Claire and his son Raoul in the last scene of Part 2.

Part 3 would probably start with Assane on the run, possibly facing a new antagonist. Although, it is pretty early to say that Pellegrini is dismissed as the cops have the videos of his confession. Moreover, the guy in the department, Dumont, is being exposed. However, he might have other connections that no one knows about so far.

However, this was not the first time police confined him and evaded prosecution. 

Kay previously told Metro that Part 3 would be relaunched.

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Lupin Season 3 Renewal status 

There are suspicions that Lupin 3 is the series’ final season; nevertheless, season 4 may not be seen by the general public. Until then, we have nothing to look forward to. The excitement will be worthless until we see Season 3, which, as we all know, is not currently in production. Until recently, we haven’t seen any Lupin franchise updates. 

Lupin Season 3 Renewal status 

Lupin Season 3 Where to watch? 

Lupin’s past seasons were made available for various media, including Netflix, on-screen 4K (UHDTV), and audio formats such as Sl surround sound.

The Conclusion

Lupin plays mind games with the fans, and we can only expect fans to wait and hope for more information regarding season 3 of the Lupin series. Lupin Season 3 Netflix will be released, although we may have to wait until early 2024. Did you watch Lupin season 2? Let us know what you like the most about the show and your expectations from the sequel.

Leave a comment and let us know if you have any questions. We will gladly answer your inquiries. We will keep you updated and notify you of any new information as it becomes available. Stay tuned and bookmark this page to get regular updates regarding the show Lupin Season 3.

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