Luther Season 6 Release Date, Cast, Plot Trailer & More

A British psychological crime and drama television series called Luther is based on a true story. The series Luther has received a positive response from the audience so far.

According to IMDb, it has received 8.4 out of 10 ratings. Luther is a series full of mystery, drama, psychological thrillers, and serial dramas full of crime and mystery.


The details we’ve provided about this series have been explained in detail in this article. In addition, we’ve also mentioned a little about the Luther season 6 release date.

Luther Season 6 Release Date

Luther Season 6 Release Date

There has been no announcement of Luther Season 6 as of yet. The report of this event is expected to be made soon. We are eagerly anticipating the arrival of the series Luther’s sixth season, which all Luther fans have highly anticipated.


It is expected that BBC One will soon announce the renewal of Luther for its sixth season, so we can look forward to seeing the series again. Nevertheless, Luther Season 6 is scheduled to be released in late 2022 on BBC One.

Luther Season 6 Cast

Luther Season 6 Cast

We have listed below the cast members who are expected to appear in Luther Season 6.

  • Idris Elba as DCI John Luther
  • Dermot Crowley as DSU Martin Schenk
  • Michael Smiley as Benny Silver
  • Warren Brown as DS Justin Ripley
  • Ruth Wilson as Alice Morgan
  • Paul McGann as Mark North
  • Nikki Amuka-Bird as DCI Erin Gray
  • Steven Mackintosh as DCI Ian Reed
  • Saskia Reeves as DSU Rose Teller
  • Indira Varma as Zoe Luther
  • Patrick Malahide as George Cornelius
  • Sienna Guillory as Mary Day
  • Aimee-Ffion Edwards as Jenny Jones
  • David O’Hara as DSU George Stark
  • Kierston Wareing as Caroline Jones
  • Michael Obiora as Errol Minty
  • Anton Valensi as Henry Madsen
  • Enzo Cilenti as Jeremy Lake
  • Hermione Norris as Vivien Lake
  • Wunmi Mosaku as Detective Sgt. Catherine Halliday
  • Gary Hailes as Donnie McKinney
  • Matt Sproit as Cornelius Henchman
  • Lex Daniel as Ronald Massey
  • David Dawson as Toby Kent
  • Alan Williams as Frank Hodge
  • Pam Ferris as Baba
  • Roberta Taylor as Celia Lavender
  • Matthew Marsh as DCSU Russell Cornish
  • Andrew Mullan as Alastair Cornelius
  • Paul Blackwell as Police Officer
  • Glenn Webster as SCO19 Armed Police Officer
  • Steven Robertson as Nicholas Millberry

Luther Season 6 Plot

Luther Season 6 Plot

In light of how the last Luther series ended, it might be expected that any future series would not start with John behind bars, at least in terms of how things end.

As a result, a series or film in which he fights to clear his name while on the run, Fugitive-like, would undoubtedly give the whole thing a new slant and a more inclusive tone.

As a result, becoming a policeman in the future would be very challenging. Of course, there is the matter of those ‘prequel’ rumors – which would mean that if the movie does happen, it would not be able to fit into a timeline that could lead into season six if it were to happen sooner than later.

There is no denying that John Luther has a talent for being a detective. This story revolves around how entertainingly and effortlessly the detective deals with criminal cases at hand, often with psycho serial killers, and how agile he is in gaining access to the minds of these psychos who commit murder and why they commit them.

However, several factors contribute to friction between him and his superiors, including his personality, working style, and long-standing problems with his private life.

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Luther Season 6 Trailer

There has not yet been an official release of the Luther Season 6 trailer. You can, however, watch the previous show trailer if you haven’t already by clicking here if you haven’t seen it before.

We have provided the trailer link of season 5 of Luther; thus, viewers can watch it in case they have not watched it yet.

Where To Watch Luther Season 6?

Having read so many amazing things about this series, you must now be wondering what the best place to watch this series on the Internet is.

Hulu, however, is an excellent resource for viewers to watch the entire series. Right now, viewers can watch all five seasons of Luther on Hulu, and the sixth season is also available on Hulu.

Final Word

As a result of its ghastly and gruesome crime scenes and dead bodies in the show, it is known to wreak havoc in the minds of viewers. Viewers trying to watch some leisure entertainment may experience psychological waves of panic, but in the end, it’s their choice whether to watch or not.

If you haven’t seen the previous seasons, you will be left wanting more if you are already addicted to the series and have been hooked on it from the start. It is a power-packed police drama packed with jump scares and exciting twists and turns.