Marilyn Monroe Net Worth 2022: The Most High-Rated Actress Of Her Era!

As a model and actress, Marilyn Monroe was one of the most popular stars in the United States at the time. Marilyn Monroe net worth has been estimated at $24 million.

Today in this article, we will talk about her lifestyle,  career, net worth, source of income, family, relationship status, cars, and the house of Marilyn Monroe.


Marilyn Monroe Net Worth 2022

Name Marilyn Moroe
Net Worth $24 million
Profession Actress, model
Monthly Salary $3 million
Annual Salary $10 million
Nationality American
Gender Female

Marilyn Monroe Early Life

Marilyn Monroe Early Life

According to the reports, Marilyn Monroe was born in Los Angeles, California, United States, on June 1, 1926. Her mother, Gladys Pearl Baker (Nee Monroe), specialized in cutting negative films.

As a child, Marilyn had an older sister named Berniece and an older brother named Robert. In the middle of her tween years, she was not aware that she had a sister, even though she was twelve years old.


When she became an adult, she met her sibling for the first time. Marilyn’s father is still unknown to the public, and no information has been released about him in the past.

Her mother abandoned her over a decade ago, and Albert and Ida Bolender became her foster parents when she was taken in by them. Her foster parents had wanted to adopt her.

In addition, Gladys, her mother, had to be hospitalized after becoming mentally ill. She had to move from one foster family to another as a result of this circumstance.


After attending Emerson Junior High School, she transferred to Van Nuys High School and left there in her senior year.

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Marilyn Monroe Age, Height, Weight

In the year 1956, Marilyn Monroe was 36 years old when she died. Her height of Marilyn was 5 feet and 5 inches, and her body weight was approximately 54 kilograms.

Marilyn Monroe Personal Life

Marilyn Monroe married James Dougherty in 1942, just a few months after she met him. Their relationship ended in divorce because of some personal reasons in 1946.

A second time, in 1954, she married Joe DiMaggio; the marriage ended in divorce in 1955. It was the following year when she married Arthur Miller, but five years later, the couple separated.

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Marilyn Monroe Career

Marilyn Monroe Career

David Conover was a photographer who met Marilyn Monroe in 1944. He and his associates began requesting her to do modeling work for them.

As of 1946, her photographs had appeared on 33 magazine covers, among them Pageant, Peek, and Laff. Initially, she had an agreement with 20th Century Fox lasting six months.

In 1947, she appeared in the film “Dangerous Years,” in which she played the role of a waitress. Additionally, she has taken on modeling assignments over the past few years.

Marilyn Monroe was the first female actress to achieve stardom during the 1950s. It was thanks to the many films she appeared in, such as “All About Eve” and “The Asphalt Jungle,” that she became a major star.

Her 23rd time hosting the Academy Awards in 1997 was the highlight of her career. In 1952, by the time Marilyn Monroe had achieved fame and success as a leading lady, she was one of the most popular names in Hollywood.

Marilyn Monroe became a sex symbol in 1953 after rising to prominence as a popular actress. It was deemed “immoral” that she performed in “Noir Niagara,” but the film was a big success.

She has achieved a lot of success and not only this but till now she has an huge and amazing fan following base on her social media platforms like Twitter.

Marilyn Monroe Net Worth

Marilyn Monroe Net Worth

It is estimated that Marilyn Monroe had a net worth of $24 million when she passed away in 1962. She was a famous American actress, model, singer, and model.

Despite her multiple businesses and expensive jewelry and clothing herself, she was a spendthrift who lavished money on strangers, family, and her employees.

Marilyn Monroe Car

We have listed some of her favorite cars of Marilyn Monroe owned:

  • Ferrari 375 MM Coupé Scaglietti
  • Buick Wildcat II
  • Maserati A6GCS/53 Berlinetta
  • Jaguar D-Type

Marilyn Monroe House

Marilyn was a very fancy and luxurious woman; she has always led a fancy life. According to the reports, she used to live in a beautiful house with an amazing interior. Not only this but as per the reports we came to know that the house is worth nearly $3 million.

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About Marilyn Monroe

Full Name Marilyn Monroe
Date Of Birth 1 June, 1926
Birth Place Los Angeles, California, United States
Age 36 years old (died at 4 August 1962)
Nationality American
Hobbies Traveling, watching movies
Height 5 feet 5 inches
Weight 54 Kg
Marital Status Divorced
Qualification Van Nuys High School


How much did Kim Kardashian pay for a Marilyn Monroe dress?

In 2016, a privately owned, for-profit “attractions company” acquired Marilyn Monroe’s gown by Kim Kardashian. The dress was sold in 2016 for nearly five million dollars. 

Did Kim Kardashian buy Marilyn Monroe’s dress?

Ripley’s Believe It or Not! is where Kardashian borrowed the dress from! and she bought the dress in the year 2016 auction, and the price that she paid for the dress was $4.8 million.

At what age did Marilyn Monroe die?

Monroe was found dead at the age of 36, in her apartment in Brentwood, California, on August 5, 1962, after taking an overdose of barbiturates.

Final Word

A great deal of attention has been paid to Monroe’s troubled privacy situation. Monroe has struggled with addiction, depression, and anxiety in the past.

During that period, she was the first lady to achieve such a high level of fame and success. It can be said without a shadow of doubt that Marilyn Monroe was one of the most inspiring actresses of her time.

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