My Life Is Murder Season 3 Release Date, Cast, Plot, Trailer & More

This Australian and New Zealand crime comedy-drama television series, My Life Is Murder, is narrated by Lucy Lawless and is set in the world of murder mysteries and crime dramas.

Critics have received positive reviews for the first season of My Life is Murder. A large number of people have also become familiar with this show and have become fans of it.


Those who are fans of My Life is Murder are eager to find out when the show’s third season will be released. However, we have gathered all the information regarding the series, including My Life Is Murder Season 3.

My Life Is Murder Season 3 Release Date

My Life Is Murder Season 3 Release Date

There are ten episodes in the first season of My Life is Murder, which premiered on July 17, 2019. There has been tremendous interest in the show in just a few days, and it is receiving high praise from critics.


As a result, many people believed that the show’s creators had renewed it for a second season, which would debut on TVNZ 1 on August 9, 2021. There were ten episodes in the second season of My Life is Murder as well.

A third season of the show was confirmed for release in October 2022, following its renewal in February 2022. Well, we cannot deny that My Life Is Murder is one of the most popular thrill dramas.

My Life Is Murder Season 3 Cast

My Life Is Murder Season 3 Cast


It is important to note that according to the information available about the cast for Season 3, there is not much information on who will be appearing in the upcoming season.

There is a good chance that the old cast will make an appearance in the third season of the show, so we have listed them below in order of appearance:

My Life Is Murder Season 3 Plot

My Life Is Murder Season 3 Plot

My Life Is Murder is a proper murder mystery, crime, comedy, and drama that is perfect for binge-watching, My Life is Murder is a murder mystery, crime, comedy, and drama.

In the show’s last two seasons, the story’s basic premise has remained consistent. During the story, the main character is tasked with solving complex crimes while dealing with personal issues daily.

As a new character in the show, Alexa Crow, a New Zealand-based investigator, has been introduced to the audience. Throughout the entire series, she is assigned to solve ten cases that will bring her in contact with some intriguing and surprising suspects, ranging from billionaires to florists, tango dancers, and fashionistas, to name just a few.

Despite this, nobody is aware of Alexa’s ability to solve crimes, and she is easily underestimated by the audience for her abilities as a detective.

She is fearless, an empathetic investigator with a touch of rudeness, and works instinctively as an angel and an angelic investigator.

Although she has a sense of humor, she lost her husband long ago, and no one knows the exact reason why she left the force, making her more of a mystery than anything else.

In her early days, she wasn’t sure if she would be able to handle a secret, so when her colleague and friend, Kieran Hussey, asked her for help with one of his cases, she was initially hesitant. 

Aside from Alexa, Madison also works at the police department as a Data Analyst, a very extrovert individual. Despite her limited resources, she does everything she can to help Alexa.

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My Life Is Murder Season 3 Trailer

Currently, no trailer is available for My Life is Murder Season 3. Please find below a trailer for the upcoming Season 2 of the show, which can be watched for now:

Where To Watch My Life Is Murder Season 3?

Now, a new season of My Life Is Murder is available on Network 10 today. There is now a TVNZ 1 channel where you can watch the second and third seasons of the show. We will also be able to watch the remaining episodes on the same OTT platform.

Final Word

Although My Life Is Murder has a TV-14 rating, it contains a lot of violent material that many parents would deem inappropriate for children under 14.

In the television series My Life is Murder, Alexa Crowe, a fearless private investigator who solves the most brutal crimes while dealing with the stress of daily life, is chronicled in her adventures as she unravels some of the most challenging crimes.