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Friends after the breakup. Natasha Lyonne invited ex-boyfriend Fred Armisen to the season 47 finale of Saturday Night Live, barely one month after confirming their separation.

During her opening speech on Saturday, May 21, the New York native stated that she has “a metaphysical connection” to Saturday Night Live and was “very humbled” to host for the first time.


“The folks here are my chosen family in real life. Lyonne stated, “I’ve been going here since I was a youngster.” “Amy Poehler and I co-created Russian Doll, and I have wonderful pals from the show.”

Maya Rudolph and Armisen, formerly of Saturday Night Live, joined their pal on stage. The Portlandia alum said, “Hey, are you busy?” I figured we could give you our best Natasha Lyonne impressions.

Armisen imitated his ex-accent girlfriend’s when he uttered “ipso-facto,” while Rudolph made fun of her friend’s pronunciation of “cockroach” before they left.


“Freddie and I dated for seven years,” Lyonne said to the crowd. Yes, we are the only couple with a sex tape that nobody wants to purchase.

The amicable comedic bit occurred weeks after she confirmed reports of their separation. In an April story by The Hollywood Reporter, she stated, “I had been living in Los Angeles with Fred and during COVID.” Sincerely, I believe we broke up because I desired a swimming pool.

The But I’m a Cheerleader star said that despite the breakup, they remained friends. Lyonne said, “We love one other as much as two people can love each other, and we communicate often, but Freddy doesn’t enjoy swimming pools.”


“It may appear to be a prosaic cause for a breakup, but during this epidemic, you must get your laps in – I’m like Burt Lancaster in The Swimmer. Consequently, I purchased a home with a pool in Los Angeles. Thus, this is a true scandal. I suppose I am now a true bi-coastal resident.”

Armisen previously stated that his relationship with the Orange Is the New Black star was a classic case of opposites attracting. During a November 2019 interview with Conan, he revealed, “She’s noisy and enjoys a lot of noise in the house, whereas I’m pretty quiet.” “We are quite similar yet opposites. She enjoys a sense of disorder, whereas I like constant peace.

Armisen was previously married twice, first to singer Sally Timms from 1998 to 2004 and then to Handmaid’s Tale actress Elisabeth Moss from 2009 until 2011.

Lyonne was previously linked to comedian Michael Rapaport and actor Adam Goldberg of The Equalizer. Scroll down to view the whole Lyonne and Armisen timeline:

The early 2000s

Rudolph introduced Lyonne to Armisen, but she had no memory of it. In a September 2019 interview with Glamour, the actress referred to her “Grey Gardens era” when saying, “I was going through a difficult time.” She battled drug addiction for many years until being sober in the middle of the 2000s.

Based on what Armisen told her, Lyonne recalled that he and the Bridesmaids actress visited the Ad Astra actress’s apartment and discovered her smoking in a long silk robe while wearing sunglasses.

“I took out a copy of Please Kill Me, [Legs McNeil’s oral history], signed it, and said, ‘Welcome, youngster. What a moniker, Fred! Happy birthday. Enjoy the reading. He said, “He still has it.”

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Us Weekly reported that Lyonne and Armisen had officially begun dating. They attended many pre-Emmy Awards gatherings together, and according to one eyewitness, they were “extremely flirtatious.”


Lyonne began starring on the Mississippian’s program Portlandia and performed a variety of characters in numerous episodes of the comedy until its conclusion in 2018.


“This is an A-plus boyfriend, do you understand? This is a very superior individual. “She stated this during her June 2017 visit on Conan O’Brien’s late-night talk program.


Amid the coronavirus epidemic, the couple landed in Los Angeles after living on both coasts.

April 2022

The actress from American Pie said that she and her longtime partner split up during the epidemic.

May 2022

Armisen came on SNL with Lyonne, confirming that they are still friends after their separation.

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Who Is Natasha Lyonne?

Natasha Bianca Lyonne Braunstein (/lion/ lee-OHN; born April 4, 1979) is an American-Israeli actress, comic, director, screenwriter, and producer.

She is best recognized for her professions as Nicky Nichols on Netflix’s tv comedy Orange Is the New Black (2013–2019), for which she was selected for a Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Guest Actress, and as Nadia Vulvokov on Netflix’s Russian Doll (2019–present), which she co-created, executive produced, wrote, and directed.

Lyonne has been nominated for four Primetime Emmys, including Outstanding Lead Actress in a Comedy Series, for her performance in the latter.

Natasha Lyonne and Fred Armisen

Who Is Fred Armisen?

Fereydun Robert Armisen, an American actor, comedian, writer, producer, and musician, was born on December 4, 1966. Armisen, alongside his comic partner Carrie Brownstein, co-created and co-starred in the IFC sketch comedy series Portlandia.

In addition, he co-created and appears in the mockumentary IFC series Documentary Now! Alongside Bill Hader and Seth Meyers and the Showtime comedy series Moonbase 8 starring John C.

Reilly and Tim Heidecker. He voiced Speedy Gonzales from 2011 to 2013 on The Looney Tunes Show.

Armisen launched, a website that displays the comedic skits he and Brownstein produced and is the conductor and drummer for The 8G Band, the house band for Late Night with Seth Meyers.