Orphan First Kill Release Date, Plot, Summary, Cast, Where To Watch

As one of the first movies to be released in the Orphan franchise, the first film caused many audience members to ask many questions about the murderous 33-year-old masquerading as a minor, how she ended up impersonating children, and how she was able to murder the families she adopted brutally.

Throughout Orphan, the manipulative girl played with the emotions of her adopted family, making them simultaneously angry, guilty, and uncomfortable, before slaughtering each member in a way that brought the childlike woman pleasure.


Orphan First Kill Release Date

Orphan First Kill

Back in January of this year, it was reported that the prequel would be released on the second day of the first month of the year. There has been a great deal of anticipation regarding Esther’s return to the original film since that date passed.

It was announced in July that Orphan: First Kill would be released on August 19, 2022, which is exactly six months from now.


Orphan First Kill Cast

As Leena Klammer, Isabelle Fuhrman will reprise her role as Esther, a role she moonlights in on the show. It was 15 years ago that Fuhrman starred in the original Hunger Games film, subsequently making a cameo appearance in Masters of Sex and doing a recurring role in another thriller, The Novice, which kept her in touch with her roots.

Julia Stiles as Tricia Albright and Rossif Sutherland as Allen Albright are joining her in the role of the first family she terrorizes as she terrorizes the Albrights.

“Esther” is reconnected with her family by Donnan, a law enforcement officer in the cast. Hiro Kanagawa also plays a prominent part in the film.


Orphan First Kill Plot

Our first introduction to Esther came in the 2009 film Orphan when she was nine years old and was introduced as an orphan girl who would later turn out to be a dangerous 33-year-old murderous woman.

As a child, she posed as a nine-year-old by hiding her real name as Leena Klammer, based on a hormonal disorder that stunted her growth.

In case you are not familiar with the tale of Esther, also known as Leena, this prequel takes us back to her origin. By pretending to be the missing daughter of a wealthy couple, she managed to escape from an Estonian psychiatric facility and eventually make her way to America.

Orphan First Kill

There is a certain resemblance between the plot of this film and the story of Frédéric Bourdin, a Frenchman who faked his identity as a missing thirteen-year-old from San Antonio in order to manipulate the police.

When his family learned that their son had been found, they were thrilled at the news, despite the fact that their son had a different eye color and accent from his previous one.

Similar to Leena, Bourdin pretended to be a young child, deceiving orphanages, hospitals and even the police. At some point, Bourdin was discovered, and the ending of Orphan: First Kill may provide a clue as to how it all ends.

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Orphan First Kill Trailer

Paramount Pictures released the gripping trailer on July 13, 2022, hinting only at the horrors to come. Esther plays the role of the missing daughter in the preview, where her new family has brought her home after she was taken away when she was young.

Another gruesome story will surely be told in the snowy town where the film is set and which will surely make a perfect backdrop to the film. 

Where To Watch Orphan First Kill?

The film will premiere on Paramount and video on demand simultaneously with its release in select theaters. On Paramount, you can stream the terrifying prequel to Orphan if you are daring enough to watch it before its petrifying sequel is released.

Final Word

It is in America that Esther travels to impersonate the daughter of a wealthy family that has gone missing after Esther orchestrates her escape from an Estonian facility.

In spite of this, some twists in the story seem to have placed Esther in a situation where she has to deal with a mother whose first instinct is protection for her family at all costs.