Owl House Season 3 Release Date, Cast, Plot, Trailer & More

The magnificent fantasy drama ‘The Owl House’ has captivated fans from its inception. The series follows Luz Noceda, a Dominican-American teenager who is scheduled to attend a summer camp for juvenile detainees. 

However, fate brings her to the Boiling Isles, where she meets Eda Clawthorne, the owl witch, and her roommate. The remainder of the story follows Luz as she embarks on her adventurous journey to become a witch.


The series, created by Dana Terrace, has received particular attention for its inclusive LGBTQ+ depiction. It is the first Disney show to have a starring pair of the same gender. 

Season 2 of ‘The Owl House’ has concluded, and fans are eager to hear whether and when the series will return for a third season. We arrive armed with answers!

Owl House Season 3 Release Date

Owl House Season 3 release date


Following the tremendous success of the previous two seasons, the third season was confirmed in May of 2021. That was before the debut of the second season. 

The precise date of The Owl House season 3’s premiere has not yet been determined. However, it is anticipated that it will be around March 2023. Here is what we know about the course of the season:

Although announcing the third season made supporters tremendously joyful, it also had a touch of melancholy. The third season of the popular comedy-horror will consist of only three episodes. 


These episodes will be about 44 and 46 minutes long. The animated series will conclude with this third chapter on Disney+. When questioned, creator Dana Terrace stated that she, too, was unaware of the choice.

The 3rd season of The Owl House will consist of three episodes and is set to premiere in March 2023.

Owl House Season 3 Cast

Owl House Season 3 release date

The expected cast of Owl House season 3 is as follows:

  • Sarah-Nicole Robles being Luz Noceda
  • Alex Hirsch will perform as King 
  • Wendie Malick in the role of Eda Clawthorne
  • Tati Gabrielle in the role of Willow Park
  • Mae Whitman being Amity Blight
  • Cissy Jones in the role of Lilith Clawthorne
  • Issac Ryan Brown will act as Gus Porter
  • Zeno Robinson will perform as Hunter
  • Matthew Rhys being Emperor Belos
  • Fryda Wolff will act as The Collector

Owl House Season 3 Plot

Season 2 takes off where Season 1 left off and provides us with several reasons to rejoice. After the protagonists encounter Emperor Belos, Eda confronts her demons with the encouragement of the heroes. In addition, she meets a witch from her past who indoctrinates her into the uprising against Emperor Belos. 

In addition, Luz begins the dangerous mission to return to the human world, and despite falling ill, the others assist her in achieving her objective. Luz finally manages to escape the Boiling Isles, and a new fear of the human realm develops in her head.

Owl House Season 3 release date

Season three should begin immediately after the conclusion of season two and follow Luz into the human world. The show may go deeply into Luz’s character journey to determine whether or not she can discover the answers to the challenges she faces in the actual world. 

Back in the Boiling Isles, we may learn more about Eda’s background and join her revolt against the Emperor. 

Belos is also anticipated to figure prominently in season 3, as our heroes prepare for a final confrontation with him. Thus, judging by appearances, season 3 will captivate us with its captivating storylines and captivating performances.

Owl House Season 3 Trailer

The official season 3 trailer has not yet been released to the public. Here is the second season trailer uploaded by Disney Channel on YouTube. Enjoy!

Where To Watch Owl House Season 3?

Owl House season 3 will release on Disney Channel, and seasons 1 and 2 are available to stream on the same platform. 

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