Parampara Season 3 Release Date And Renewal Status On Disney+ Hotstar

Parampara is a Telugu criminal drama show. The first season of the series premiered on 24 December 2021. After the first season premiere, it became famous and lauded by fans and critics. 

The storyline of the show depicts the life of David Vs. Goliath. In this series, you will encounter the underdog battle with his strong, slick, and cruel uncle for the integrity and virtue of his dad. 


The storyline is quite engaging, and you will love watching the series. After watching two seasons of the show, fans are now waiting for the next one. They want to know what happens next! 

This article will cover all the info and details about Parampara season 3, like its release date, cast, plot, trailer, and many more. So, let’s get started!

Parampara Season 3 Release Date

Parampara season 1 was released on 24 December 2021 on Disney+ Hotstar, and season 2 was released on 21 July 2022. 


Talking about season 3, there is no update info yet. As season 2 was released some days ago, so it’s too quick to expect season 3. Parampara is not renewed for season 3 yet. If the series gets renewal, we will surely update this section.

Considering all the facts, Parampara season, 3 is expected to release in 2023 or 2024. It’s just an assumption. When any official info is disclosed, we will surely update you!

Parampara Season 3 Cast

Here is the anticipated cast of season 3:

  • Jagapathi Babu being Mohan Rao
  • Sarath Kumar in the role of Chintalapudi Nagendra Naidu
  • Naveen Chandra will perform as Gopi
  • Ishan being Suresh
  • Sritej will act as Young Mohan Rao
  • Aakanksha Singh in the role of Rachana
  • Prawin Yendamuri being Young Naidu
  • Aamani will perform as Bhanumati
  • Kasthuri being Indira
  • Naina Ganguly being Jenny
  • Mayank Parakh being Omar
  • Surya being Bharani
  • Murali Mohan will act as Chintalapudi Veera Naidu
  • Arjun Ambati being Harsha
  • Thotapalli Madhu in the role of Gangaraju
  • Kamalakar being Upendra
  • Jogi Brothers will perform as Theepi Seenu & Pulupu Seenu
  • Teja will act as SP Parasuram
  • Praveena being Kamala
  • Kedar Shankar in the role of Krishna Prasad
  • Shreya Navile in the role of Aruna
  • Divi Vadthya will act as Tara
  • Rama Devi will play the role of Yamuna

Parampara Season 3 Plot

The showrunners and relevant distribution partners have not acknowledged officially that the third season of Parampara is in development.

On the one hand, the newly released second part alludes to the various stories that may be addressed in season three.

The shockingly open conclusion of the second season finale of Parampara gives fans optimism that a third season would be created, as it was characterized as “the final episode was great, especially the finish, which set the stage for a third season!”

Telugu ABP Live is renowned for The conclusion indicates that the third season will be more engaging than the previous two.

This is likely since the relationship between Gopi and Rachna has not reached a definitive conclusion – the concept of the entire show.

However, as with the vast majority of streaming titles, renewals depend completely on the number of households that watch it and the viewership’s response. Unfortunately, the initial reviews for the second season of Parampara appear to have thrown a bloody wrench into the works.

LeisureByte describes season 2 as “boring, soapy, and pointless vengeance drama,” adding that “the entire series should have been concluded after 10 episodes.”

Parampara is a David vs. Goliath narrative about an underdog who battles his strong, cunning, and cruel uncle for his father’s integrity and dignity.

As far as the world is concerned, Naidu, the founder of the Naidu family, and his brother Mohan Rao have an unbreakable tie.

Gopi, Mohanrao’s son, has decided to expose Naidu, who has been oppressing Mohanrao under the pretense of love, in the Naidu home. This lays the stage for the antagonism between the two, culminating in power struggles.

However, they also note, “I suppose the author intends to tell the tale in little sections over several seasons,” showing that reviewers are at least aware that a third season may be in the works.

Must check:

Parampara Season 3 Trailer

No trailer has been disclosed for season 3. For now, you can stream the Parampara season 2 trailer below:

Where To Watch Parampara Season 3?

Parampara Season 3 will release on Disney+ Hotstar and all previous seasons are available to stream on the same platform.


So, these are all details about Parampara season 3. If the series gets renewal, we will surely update this post. If you have any queries, then let us know in the comments!