Perry Mason Season 2 Release Date, Cast, Plot, Trailer & More

This series is just the latest in a long line of HBO drama shows that have captivated and thrilled their audiences for many years, and the great news is that more shows are yet to come!

Those who are fans of the new Perry Mason series will be delighted to hear that there is great news in store for them. In the coming year, HBO will be bringing you the second installment of Perry Mason, which is set to premiere in the fall of this year.


Perry Mason is an American drama series that aired its first season on 21 June 2020, and since its premiere, the show has won many fans due to its engaging plot line, which has attracted millions of viewers. 

Perry Mason Season 2 Release Date

Perry Mason Season 2

Unfortunately, we do not yet know how the second season of Perry Mason will play out at this point. The show’s second season has yet to be announced, and there are no signs that production is finished yet, and we still don’t know when it will be released.


The creator officially announced the upcoming of this second season at the beginning of July 2020. As a result of its massive popularity, this series has attracted millions of its viewers, making it an excellent Crime thriller show for HBO channels.

The movie received an 8.5 out of ten rating on Rotten Tomatoes, one of the highest ratings on the site. Furthermore, the critics have given it excellent reviews, leading to a quick rise in its second season based on audience demand.

Perry Mason Season 2 Cast

Perry Mason Season 2


There is no better way to start off the new season than to tell you that you will be getting the great cast from Perry Mason Season 1 for season 2, also with their amazing performances.

There will be a new episode in which you guys can get to watch your favorite star again, so stay tuned for that. Please find below a list of the stars who will be appearing in season 2 of the show.

  • Matthew Rhys as Perry Mason
  • Juliet Rylance as Della Street
  • Chris Chalk as Paul Drake
  • Shea Whigham as Pete Strickland
  • Tatiana Maslany as Sister Alice McKeegan
  • John Lithgow as Elias Birchard – E.B. – Jonathan
  • Eric Lange as Gene Holcomb
  • Justin Kirk as Hamilton Burger
  • Diarra Kilpatrick as Clara Drake
  • Katherine Waterston as Ginny Ames
  • Gayle Rankin as Emily Dodson
  • Nate Corddry as Matthew Dodson
  • Veronica Falcon as Lupe Gibbs
  • Jefferson Mays as Virgil Sheets
  • Andrew Howard as Joe Ennis

Perry Mason Season 2 Plot

Perry Mason Season 2

“Perry Mason’s” first season was designed to give people who have little or no backstory a chance to shine a bright light on their talents.

Perry, Paul, and Della are all outsiders in the show’s first season who take on the system and struggle to find or discover what they are meant to do in life.

With Perry now an attorney and having shed some of what was holding him back earlier, we can reasonably assume the show will focus on his determined fight for justice along with Della and Paul.

The show’s second season will probably again cover the same case that was covered in the first season since that’s what we already know from the previous season.

Reviewers criticized the mystery and case at the show’s core, so the show’s creators will likely want to focus on smaller cases instead of a season-long narrative.

The show may now adapt some of Gardner’s novels for the screen once the table has been set and everyone is seated. The series likely will continue to draw inspiration from the Perry Mason novel “The Case of the Velvet Claws” since Eva Griffin appears in the novel towards the end of season 1.

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Perry Mason Season 2 Trailer

Currently, there has been no release of the trailer for the second season of Perry Mason. Apparently, it will be released as soon as possible.

To allow viewers and fans to watch the trailer for season 1 in case they have not already seen it, we have provided a link to the trailer.

Where To Watch Perry Mason Season 2?

It is available on Hulu for you to watch the entire Perry Mason series. It can be viewed whenever the viewer wants to watch it, making it convenient.

Whenever the show’s second season is released, it is extremely obvious that it will also be available on Hulu simultaneously.

Final Word

There is no doubt that whenever the second season of the show is released, it will also be available on Hulu simultaneously at the same time. 

We are confident that Perry Mason Season 2 will be well received by the audience as we look forward to its release. It will be interesting to see how things pan out in the future.

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