Rebel Wilson Dating Rumors And Everything You Need To Know!

Rebel Wilson, the star of the show Senior Year, has reportedly been single for a long time. In a recent interview, she said she was in a relationship with someone to whom she was introduced by a common acquaintance.

Over the weekend, 42-year-old actress Rebel Wilson took a break from promoting her new movie on Instagram Stories to share with her 10.7 million followers a sexy selfie.


After recently confirming that she is now ”happy in a relationship” with a mystery man, Rebel Wilson flashed a hint of cleavage in a bright swimsuit on Saturday.

Could Rebel Wilson dating someone right now?

Rebel Wilson Dating

It has been recently reported that Rebel Wilson is in a relationship with professional tennis player Matt Reid, but the couple has yet to confirm or deny the claims.


In the past, the Australian actress has remained discreet about her personal life. However, in the past, she has also been linked to actors Mickey Gooch Jr., Aden Stay and Beacher Media Group founder Jeff Beacher.

Wilson jokingly joked on Instagram in February that the Super Bowl of 2022 would be like a playoff game. “Normally, I do not participate in sport, but yesterday was different.”

During their six-month romance, the comedian went out several times with her then-boyfriend Jacob Busch, who was 11 years her junior. A descendant of the well-known Anheuser-Busch brewery, Budweiser is a well-known beer brand.


In spite of the fact that the Senior Year actress has never wed, she is searching for the perfect man to marry. Her post sums up how to forget her separation from Busch in 2021. 

After her divorce from him, she recalls that in 2021 she had her own “hot girl summer” and that she faced a number of men who were not the right ones for her.

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Rebel’s Relationship with Jacob Busch!

As she started dating Jacob Busch, the heir to Anheuser-Busch’s fortune, and hoped to be the “Year of Health” in 2020, Wilson declared 2020 to be the “Year of Health”.

While Rebel shared some of her photos of Jacob in their early days together on Instagram, the couple split up in February 2021, after spending a great first six months together.

Rebel Wilson on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show”

Towards the end of the year, Ellen DeGeneres will conclude her comedy talk show, the Ellen DeGeneres Show, and on Thursday, May 26, 2022, the final episode of the show has been aired with Rebel Wilson.

Despite being not as happy with her current situation, we are confident that Rebel will be able to find the person she has been searching for in the future.

How many children does Rebel Wilson have?

Rebel Wilson Dating

Rebel Wilson is currently childless at the moment, but she plans on starting a family in the future. 

In addition to confessing that her wish for a healthy pregnancy was one of the primary motivators for her weight loss transformation, the 42-year-old has been very candid about her fertility concerns.

In the past two years, she has been on a fertility journey, and she wishes to have a family at some point in the future, according to The Daily Telegraph (via ET Canada).

Whether or not she will be able to become a mother remains to be seen. You could say that it is like riding a wave of emotions. And she said that it’s just that I gave it everything I’ve got, so I’m ready for anything to happen.”

Rebel Wilson is married?

Even though she has never married before, the Senior Year actress is looking for someone special to spend her life with.

In addition, after she divorced Busch in 2021, she encountered a number of hot men, despite being unable to match with any of them. 

According to her, every relationship reveals a great deal about one’s character and what one is looking for. Unfortunately, she has yet to find her perfect partner.

Final Word

In the course of that one year, I suppose I went on about 50 dates with approximately 50 different people, but some were just one-off dates and then it was all over.

It was important to me to deliberately push myself to date a lot of people and have that experience. I know that’s a strange thing to do, but it was a great way to learn what I liked and didn’t like in relationships.

In addition to her apparent romance with Matt Reid, Wilson has garnered interest with her weight reduction and metamorphosis. It was in January 2020 that Wilson announced her weight loss journey, calling it a year of health.

As a result of modifying her training program and making healthy lifestyle changes, she was able to reach her goal in November 2020.

In an interview with the BBC in December 2021, Wilson revealed that when she first announced that she would be doing a year of health, she received a lot of criticism from her own staff members.

However, she said that there’s a feeling in my gut that I’m about to undergo a physical transformation and alter the course of my life.”

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