Rebelde Season 2 Release Date, Storyline, Cast, & Where To Watch

Rebelde is a Mexican teenage television drama about teenagers from various socioeconomic backgrounds attending the renowned Elite Way School (EWS). 

Based on a phenomenally successful telenovela of the same name, which in turn was inspired by the Argentinean drama ‘Rebelde Way,’ the series concentrates on the musical exploits of first-year students and the risk posed by a secret organization called The Lodge.


The musical comedy-drama examines the pleasures and dangers of adolescence, an amateur band, and the chaos of high school. Fans are incredibly curious about the fate of the Netflix revival. 

Will there be a second edition of the Spanish-language adolescent series? Here is all you need to know about the second season of ‘Rebelde’!

Rebelde Season 2 Release Date

Netflix confirmed the renewal of Rebelde for a second season on January 9, 2022. The second season premiered on July 27, 2022.


Rebelde Season 2 Cast

The Rebelde season 2 cast is as follows:

  • Azul Guaita being Jana Gandía Cohen
  • Sergio Mayer Mori in the role of Estebán Torres
  • Lizeth Selene in the role of Andrea Agosti
  • Franco Masini acts as Luka Colucci
  • Giovanna Grigio acts as Emília Alo
  • Pamela Almanza in the role of Anita
  • Estefanía Villarreal being Director Celina Ferrer
  • Andrea Chaparro being María José Sevilla 
  • Alejandro Puente being Sebastián Langarica
  • Karla Sofia Gazcón acts as Lourdes
  • Jerónimo Cantillo performs as Guillermo Álvarez
  • Flavio Medina being Gustavo Bauman
  • Leonardo de Lozanne being Marcelo Colucci
  • Saak performs as Okane 

Rebelde Season 2 Storyline

The second season of ‘Rebelde‘ begins with Gus Bauman controlling the EWS MEP series. Following the conclusion of The Battle of the Bands, he creates a new music contest for solo performers. In addition, he promises to create an EP of the victor for his new record company and discloses that he will present the winner at the next Trend-Z awards. 

The members of Without Name attempt to prevent the dissolution of their band but fail as they focus on their attempts to win the competition. Bauman offers several additional assignments for pupils to do. Dixon lvarez is dismissed from the series for asking the same question again.


Okane, a fresh student, approaches Luka Colucci. In addition, he establishes a covert arrangement with Bauman and enhances narcotics availability on school grounds. 

To deal with her separation from Emlia Alo, Andrea Agosti, AKA Andi, begins using drugs and becomes dependent on them. Celina Ferrer is sacked when she overdoses, resulting in Bauman’s appointment as the school’s new principal. 

Estebán Torres, also known as Estebán Colucci, quarrels with his closest buddy Dixon because he follows Bauman’s advice to win the music competition. Sebastián Langarica, often known as Sebas, strives to win the tournament to prevent a probable transfer to a business school.

Sebas dates Mara José Sevilla, also known as MJ, without being aware of the latter’s complex relationship with Dixon. 

When he discovers MJ and Dixon have kissed, he splits up with her despite her fears that she may become pregnant with his kid. She gets a morning-after pill with Jana Ganda Cohen’s assistance. Jana and Dixon are involved in an auto accident. 

After being released from the hospital, Dixon approaches Bauman and demands a spot in the music competition’s final round. In exchange for the chance, Dixon agrees to quit the school if he loses the challenge.

Luka and Okane discover that Bauman was responsible for his client Freddy’s drug addiction, ultimately leading to the singer’s suicide. 

Luka approaches Bauman during the conclusion of the music competition and requests that he be allowed to remain at EWS. At the same time, his father, Marcelo Colucci, secures his admittance to a military school in Texas. 

And although Bauman does not wish to oppose the prominent Marcelo, he thinks that Luka will reveal his role in Freddy’s killing. To prevent this from occurring, he knocks Luka from the cafeteria roof. Luka is admitted to a hospital for intensive care.

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Where To Watch Rebelde Season 2?

Go and stream Rebelde Season 2 on Netflix, and season 1 is also available to stream on the same streaming platform.