Sean Burke Net Worth: Everything you need to know about Braunwyn Windham Husband!

Sean Burke, infamous business with a celebrity wife and seven children, what else does a successful man need. The hard-earned wealth with a sprinkle of celebrity status is a perfect recipe for a lavish life. Throughout the decades, Sean has lived a private life releasing necessary updates in the media. Most of us might get confused about who he is as there seem to be so many well-known Sean Burke in different industries. 

Sean Burke, a baseball star who is currently just 22, is an excellent athlete with multiple tournament wins. Sean Burke is a Chicago White Sox member. Another, Doppelganger by name Sean Burke Hockey legend from the great land of Canada, is currently 55 years old and has retired from ice hockey a while ago, leading a simple and quiet life distant from the limelight. Finally, we have Sean Burke, a comedian from Ireland and a UK-based actor with a similar name, making it even harder to find relevant data about him.


Our RHOC renowned Sean Burke had a secretive early life in the suburbs of Newport Beach, California, and yet there is more to the story that we cannot see through right now but will be in the near future. Till then, hang on to the relevant content that we have come up with.

Biography of Sean Burke

Name Sean Windham Burke
Nick Name Sean Windham Burke
Gender Male
Profession President and Ceo of Channel stars
Date of Birth 13th July 1973
Age 47  уеаrѕ оld
Birth Place Newport Beach, California, UЅА
Nationality American
College  Bachelors in economics from UC Santa Barbara
Parents  N/A
Religion Not Known
Height 5”9’ or 175 cm
Sexual Orientation Straight
Marital Status Married
Wife/ spouse Braunwyn Windham

Sean Burke Career

Sean Burke, the businessman with all the wealth, did not reach this position in one day. Although we are not much aware of his struggle days, the thing we are aware of is he has a bachelor’s in economics, making him a master of his field. The president and CEO of Channel stars, Sean Burke’s RHOC’s appearance with his wife, was a surprise for us from a person who appears to be an introvert.

Sean is actively on Linkedin, which gives a brief description of his business profile. Unfortunately, there is no source of information about his parents. We can only guess that this can be a family jewel transferred from generation to generation.


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Sean Burke’s Personal Life

Sean Burke’s personal life has always been a mystery to many of us as he prefers being underground on private topics. Only a few media sources could get some information about him after Sean Burke’s RHOC appearance with Braunwyn Windham. Sean Burke Braunwyn’s alleged husband is already a wealthy man with an upper hand in society, which only facilitated them to stay in a place that is a dream for a normal ordinary man, Orange County, California. 

The show brought the professional and personal aspects of their life forward, leaving no detail hidden. Sean Burke’s housewives series also boosted his popularity and business but came with a downfall in his relationship. After the show, Bronwyn came out as a lesbian and is currently in public eyes with Victoria Brito, her girlfriend.


Sean and Bronwyn had 7 kids together, namely, Bella- 21, Rowan -19, Jacob-16, twins Curren and Caden- 9, Koa- 7, and Hazel- 4, and they are determined to raise their child together, leaving everything behind. Sean Burke new girlfriend has been in the limelight because of his dating rumors. 

Sean has clarified in an interview that his priority will be his children and family, but he is also eager to know what fate is holding for him shortly. Bronwyn also accepted the new relationship with her ex-husband with open arms. Sean and Bronwyn seem delighted about the change of events in Sean’s life.

Sean Burke Net Worth 2022

Sean Burke’s Net worth

Braunwyn Windham’s husband, Sean Burke’s net worth is 3 million dollars.

Most of the attention given by the paparazzi to Sean Burke is just because of his wife Braunwyn, who has been a celebrity for a while, and he has gained some profits from it too. It’s not like Sean himself is not a capable person. Having 7 kids and managing a lavish lifestyle simultaneously requires a high-end job for a long time.

Final Words

We have collected the above information concerning Sean Burke from dependable sources only. However, for your daily update, we are constantly on our feet, and we want to let you know that the information provided is not intended to harm anyone.

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