Single Parents Season 3 Release Date, Cast, Plot, Trailer & More

JJ Philbin and Elizabeth Meriwether (known as JJ Philbin and Elizabeth Meriwether) developed the popular television series Single Parents, a show about single parents in the United States.

There is a lot of emphasis on single parents in this show who are juggling their roles as parents and socializers at the same time while also keeping up with their children.


Regarding ratings and reviews alike, ABC’s new comedy series has been received well by viewers and critics alike since its debut on September 26, 2018. However, we have mentioned all the series’ details, including the Single Parents season 3 release date.

Single Parents Season 3 Release Date

Single Parents Season 3 Release Date

Sadly, it is with regret that we have to inform fans that there will not be a season 3 of Single Parents. As of today, there are no plans to continue producing the show in the future. The show was released in 2018 and 2019 with two seasons, but it was officially canceled after that.


The makers have mentioned that the reason for the cancellation was that the show’s second season failed to connect with the audience, and the first season was based on how well it connected with the audience.

This difficult decision had to be taken because the ratings for the second season were not good enough to enable them to continue.

Although the show Single Parents received some positive reviews from critics, the producers decided not to continue with the show’s production. Some fans of the show are disappointed by this decision, and they are still hoping for the show to return next year.


Single Parents Season 3 Cast

Single Parents Season 3 Cast

As implied by its title, the show revolves around the lives of single parents and their children and is a show about single parents. 

As portrayed in the show, the main characters have difficulty balancing their roles as parents and social beings. 

In the television series, Taran Killam played the role of Will Cooper, and Leighton Meester played the role of Angie D’Amato. Among the actors who played these characters, Brad Garrett (as Douglas Fogerty), Jake Choi (as Miggy Park), Kimrie Lewis (as Poppy Banks), Devin Trey Campbell (as Rory Banks), Mia Allan (as Emma Fogerty), Ella Allan (as Amy Fogerty), Marlow Barkley (as Sophie Cooper), and Tyler Wladis (as Graham D’Amato) are some of the best actors in the series.

Single Parents Season 3 Plot

Single Parents Season 3 Plot

One of the central characters of the series Single Parents is a group of single parents who meet Will, an older divorced man in his 30s who is one of the characters of the series.

It has become difficult for him to remain true to himself while trying to raise his daughter. In their efforts to assist Will in raising a child well, the other parents call him out and reassure him that he does not have to give up everything when raising a child well.

He can be a fantastic parent while maintaining his unique sense of individuality at the same time. “Time to hit the bars” is the motto of the second season of the series, which is the genre of the series.

Almost all of the series’ filming took place in the United States of America, specifically in Los Angeles, California. As of right now, ABC has officially declared season 3 to be canceled, but if the network changes its mind at any point, this section will be updated accordingly.

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Single Parents Season 3 Trailer

Because the show has already been canceled for the third season, there is no official trailer available for it, as it has already been canceled for the third season.

Although there aren’t any official trailers for the game, many amazing fan-made trailers and edits can still be found online. If the show returns by any chance in the future, we can expect the show’s trailer to be released in 2023.

Till then, you can watch the trailer of Single Parents season 2, as we have mentioned the trailer link of season 2 to keep you guys updated.

Where To Watch Single Parents Season 3?

You are undoubtedly wondering where you can watch the series Single Parents, and you have come to the right place. According to what we found in our research report, the entire series will be available on Hulu as we found it in our search results.

Final Word

As one of the world’s most popular TV streaming channels, ABC never fails to give its fans a daily dose of fun and entertainment with its sitcom shows every day.

One of them was also Single Parents, but it failed to survive and continue its journey forward due to the lack of support. There was a perfect blend of humor to the story that narrated the daily struggles of a single parent as they raised a child with a perfect blend of daily struggles.

A show is likely to be renewed based on the ratings and viewership, but this depends on the show’s success.