State of Decay 3 Release Date, Story Line, Multiplayer & Much More

There will still be a lot more zombie action in the near future, even though it may not be as popular as it once was.

Undead Labs is currently developing the third installment in the State of Decay series of games, which is expected to feature a diverse cast of survivors trying to build a home in the midst of a terrible world filled with wandering undead.


At the Xbox Games Showcase in 2020, State Of Decay 3 was first announced, but we haven’t heard much about it since then. Microsoft’s acquisition of Undead Labs, the developer of State of Decay 2, should provide the team with the resources they need to polish this trilogy up to a magnificent degree of excellence following the technical issues which plagued the previous installment.

State Of Decay 3 Plot

It is believed that State of Decay 3 will look very much like its predecessors, even though we have no specific gameplay details as of now.


The objective of the game is to control a small group of survivors and comb the maps for supplies to survive, recruit other lost souls to their community, and destroy as many Plague Hearts as you can in the presence of countless zombies.

In terms of improvements, fans expect to see a few of the areas they hope to see are more comprehensive customization choices for weapons, automobiles, outfits, and other aspects of the game, as well as a little more character development.

There were a lot of interesting backstories surrounding the characters of SOD2, as well as quirky one-liners that gave them a touch of life, but they mostly stayed the same throughout the course of the game and were never truly connected in any meaningful way.


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State Of Decay Release Date

It’s unclear when State of Decay 3 will be released yet since there is no official release date. A cinematic trailer for the game appears to reveal very little about its development, suggesting that it is still in its early stages.

A cinematic trailer for the game appears to reveal very little about its development, suggesting that it is still in its early stages. Despite the rumors, some fans were not expecting the announcement of a second installment since Undead Labs has been rolling out substantial DLC (downloadable content) for State of Decay 2 on a regular basis.

State of Decay 3 is launching over the next couple of months with four downloadable content packs: Independent Pack, Daybreak Pack, the story-driven Heartland and that bundle, Juggernaut Edition, which includes the three complete content packs.

As the Juggernaut Edition finally came out on March 13th, there have been questions as to when the developers will have time to start working on the new entry.

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State of Decay 3 Multiplayer

Despite the fact that State of Decay 2 is primarily a lonely experience, there are various options to play with friends or join strangers to play their games.

In order to participate in the campaign, you will need a friend in the form of someone else who can take control of another survivor from your town.

While there were some areas in the system that needed improvement, there were also some weaknesses that needed to be addressed. If a player goes too far away from the host, and therefore they are unable to be attached to the host, they will black screen and return to their starting position adjacent to the host.

Due to this, there was a limited amount of space on the map to allow for completely fresh explorations, and at times the tethering system created a more simplistic means of escaping from zombie hordes.

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State of Decay 3 Trailer

State of Decay 3 has only been shown off first and for the first time in Microsoft’s cinematic announcement made in July 2020. Despite the trailer not revealing much about the plot or gameplay, there is still a lot to explore.

During the trailer, the game’s lone female survivor is shown fighting to survive in a cold, hostile environment (due to the views shown in the trailer, fans believe the game’s setting could be Alaska, Colorado, Wyoming, or Canada).

However, we have mentioned the link to the trailer of State of Decay 3; thus, if you have not watched it yet, then you can watch it here.


What consoles will State of Decay 3 be on?

In addition to the Xbox Series S and X, State Of Decay 3 will be released for Windows and the Xbox 360.

Will State of Decay 3 Be on PC?

Microsoft Game Studios is going to publish State of Decay 3 for the Xbox X, Series S, and PC, and it will be made available by Xbox Game Studios.

Where To Play The State Of Decay 3

Xbox Game Pass subscribers will have access to it on day one, allowing them to download it and play it without any additional charge. And you can play it on your PC.

Final Word

A collection of third-person survival horror video games known as the State of Decay is being developed by Rockstar North. The series of games were developed by Undead Labs and was released by Xbox Game Studios. 

Two installments of the franchise have been released so far, and a third is expected to follow soon. A release of this game would be unlikely at the moment when fresh titles are still being released for last-generation systems.