State of The Union Season 3 Release Date, Cast, Where To Watch

The State of the Union is a comedy British television series that tells the story of a couple who have been experiencing relationship problems for quite some time.

During the first episode of the show, the couple is taking part in their first session of marital counseling or therapy. Their marital therapist meets with them every Wednesday, and they work together to try and resolve their differences on a weekly basis.


The premise of the show appears to be sad, problematic, or difficult at first, but the show proves to be hilarious once you get to know it.

State Of The Union Season 3 Release Date

State of The Union Season 3 release date

In regards to the release date of State of the Union Season 3, Sundance TV (the channel on which the show is broadcast) has not yet confirmed any specific date.


There is a possibility that the release date for the series might be around the month of February 2023, however. Well, the fans have to wait a little longer for an official announcement.

State Of The Union Season 3 Cast

State of The Union Season 3 release date

As far as the third season of State of The Union is concerned, there has not been any official announcement. There is a good chance that in Season 3, two entirely new actors will be seen, following the pattern of the previous two seasons.


As we have already stated, there is a cast of characters that are expected to appear in season 3 of the show.

State Of The Union Season 3 Plot

State of The Union Season 3 release date

Based on the plots of the previous two seasons, we predict this season’s plot will be similar to those of the previous two seasons. There will certainly be two people who will be having issues in their relationship because of several reasons.

A person may feel the need to seek counseling or therapy to help them cope with the problem. Afterward, we will enjoy watching them resolve their problems while making us laugh.

Even so, you never know what will happen next season when we get to see what twists and turns will take place. In May 2019, the premiere of the show’s first season was held.

This series had ten episodes, each of which was 10 minutes long. Rosamund Pike portrayed the role of Louise, and Chris O’Dowd portrayed the role of Tom.

At the beginning of the first episode, Louise and Tom meet in a pub just before they sit down for their first marital therapy session. There is a great deal of emphasis placed on their pasts, their meeting, and what is pulling them apart now as a result of their pasts.

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State Of The Union Season 3 Trailer

State of the Union has yet to release a trailer for Season 3 of the show, which was announced earlier this week. For that reason, we will have to wait a few months for the trailer for Season 3 before we get the chance to see it.

The trailer of season 2 can be viewed until then, so we have included a link below where you can watch the trailer.

Where To Watch State Of The Union Season 3?

Streaming platforms like Prime Video offer the entire series of State Of The Union, which is available on demand. Currently, seasons 1 and 2 of the show are available on Prime Video, not to mention that as soon as season 3 is released, it will also be streamed on Prime Video as well.

Final Word

There is no doubt that State Of The Union is an excellent television show. Throughout the book, you will find humor, sadness, anger, as well as insightful lessons that you will learn.

The sitcom is a good choice for those who have been divorced, separated, or are just experiencing a state of brokenness in life. It is impossible not to laugh as you watch a couple reunite in a pub just across the street from where their marital counselor is located.

Throughout the dialogue, there are nuanced references to the leading actors as well as the subtexts that both characters are attempting to convey to each other as they become more and more themselves while still in love.