Survivor Ponderosa Season 43 Release Date, Plot, How To Apply And All Rules

The trend was initiated by the 1997 Swedish television series Expedition Robinson, created by Charlie Parsons and modeled on Survivor’s international reality competition series. 

The premiere episode aired on CBS on May 31, 2000. As executive producer, Jeff Probst is joined by Mark Burnett and the show’s founder, Jim Parsons. The host of the series is none other than Proft.


In this reality television series, strangers are trapped in a remote place without access to essentials such as food, water, or shelter. The utilization of competitive tasks, such as running or swimming, to acquire incentives and prevent the elimination of players.

Votes cast by contestants ultimately remove one another until only one contestant remains and wins the $1,000,000 grand prize (or $200,000 on Winners at War).

Survivor Ponderosa Season 43 Release date


Survivor Ponderosa Season 43 Release Date

It has been revealed that the 43rd season of Survivor will air in 2022. Survivor will return for two further seasons (Season 43 and Season 44). The debut of Season 43 will occur between May and July of 2022.

Survivor Ponderosa Season 43 Cast

The season 43 cast will be as follows:

  • Jonas Young
  • Maryanne Oketch
  • Rocky Bailey
  • Lindsay Dolashewich
  • Omar Zaheer
  • Drea
  • Lydia Meredith
  • Jackson Fox
  • Sherron
  • Jenny Kim
  • Romeo Escobar
  • Tori Meehan
  • Daniel Strunk
  • Chanelle Howell
  • Hai Giang
  • Michael Turner
  • Swati Goel
  • Marya
  • Zach Wurtenberger

Survivor Ponderosa Season 43 Plot

Several participants said they could eat everything they desired at the resort-like retreat. But after weeks of rice restriction and scavenging on a secluded island, this drastic adjustment may take a toll on competitors, according to the four-time contestant and one-time winner Tyson Apostol.

Apostol stated, “It’s enjoyable for a few days, but you eat yourself sick because you can’t stop eating.” Thus, after a few days, everyone feels quite vile.

Apostol stated that he also required medicine for his digestive system since he had committed “terrible things” to his stomach.

Boehlke, who remained at Ponderosa for three distinct seasons, reported falling ill. “When I initially arrived at Ponderosa, like everyone else, I ate as much food as possible,” she stated. Therefore, I frequently threw sick while on Ponderosa since I wasn’t accustomed to eating such stuff.

Freberg stated that he and his fellow jurors “had quite a few cocktails early and often,” but the staff “could only provide us with rum.”

He recalled making “the finest thing on the earth” peanut-butter rum smoothies with banana and ice cream. Boehlke recalled the smoothies and stated that she and her “Survivor: Caramoan” castmates had “a blast.”

Survivor Ponderosa Season 43 Plot

“It was simply a large party,” Boehlke stated. “It was the finest period of my life. All-day, we consumed nothing but peanut-butter-rum smoothies.”

Despite the activities and never-ending food supply, losing the game weighed greatly on some participants.

Apostol said, “You’re bored of being there, and every day is a reminder of defeat.” “If I’m not going to win a million bucks, does it matter who does?”

Apostol stated that if contestants were given a chance to “forgo their jury vote to be eliminated,” he would “always” choose this option.

Boehlke told Insider that there was a significant difference between her second and third stays at Ponderosa due to the increased strain she placed on herself the third time.

She commented, “I was quite disappointed that I did not advance farther since I believed I might have won the game.” “And it was more difficult the third time to relax and feel happy about me since it was won or go home for me.”

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How to Apply for Season 43 of Survivor?

If you want to be considered for Survivor 43 and 44, Ricard Foyé wants you to apply. Even if you don’t feel you’ll succeed, Ricard believes you should try. He also guides how to apply to be a Survivor competitor.

“Greetings to everybody. It is Ricard Foyé from Survivor’s 41st season. Applicants are now being accepted for seasons 43 and 44 on Could you do it?

” Listen carefully to what is stated. Don’t bother about anything else; do what they say. The only thing they care about is your identity. “There are no longer excuses not to apply; apply now.”

Rules for Application of Survivor Season 43

To compete on Survivor, you must be at least 16 years old and possess a valid passport from either the United States or Canada. CBS will only contact candidates who have completed the application in its entirety and who have been chosen for the next round of casting.

Due to the volume, casting directors will not contact every applicant. The casting crew instructs anyone who has previously auditioned for Survivor to upload a fresh video to be considered for a future season.

The casting website specifies that candidates must reapply for each new season and submit their most recent audition videos. Exceptions to this regulation exist for those who have applied for a job within the preceding year.

You will be able to evaluate all of these replies later. Even if you’ve previously applied, you’ll be able to do so again in the fall when the site is refreshed.