Tacoma FD Season 4 Release Date, Trailer, Summary, Plot, And Many More

Known as Tacoma FD, this TV series was created by Kevin Heffernan and Steve Lemme, who envisioned it in the context of a firehouse located in Tacoma, Washington.

There is a lot of fun to be had from the show in that the firefighters aren’t faced with much fire to extinguish in their firehouse in Tacoma.


So, as a result, most of the time, they lose interest in the job role that they are in and do things that are unrelated to their job role. Among the team of producers who helped create Tacoma FD were Brandon Hendrix, Steve Lemme, David Miner, Greg Walter, and Kyle Clark

Tacoma FD Season 4 Release Date

Tacoma FD Season 4

It was announced recently that Tacoma FD had been renewed for another season. Well, the release date of Season 4 is expected to be announced by the end of 2022, so we can rest assured that the show will be released on time.


Tacoma FD Season 4 is expected to be released in September 2022, as that was the release date for the previous three seasons of Tacoma FD.

Tacoma FD Season 4 Cast

Tacoma FD Season 4

There have been a lot of praises and appreciation given to the actors who played their roles in the series Tacoma FD with the utmost perfection and achieved a lot of recognition.


The cast of Tacoma FD Season 4 is expected to keep the same enthusiasm and perfection that they have brought to the show during the first three seasons in order to maintain the hype they have created.

The following is a list of all the people that we expect to be part of Tacoma Fire Department Season 4:

  • Kevin Heffernan as Chief Terry McConkey
  • Steve Lemme as Captain Eddie Penisi
  • Marcus Henderson as Granfield “Granny” Smith, paramedic
  • Eugene Cordero as Andy Myawani, firefighter
  • Gabriel Hogan as Ike Crystal, firefighter
  • Hassie Harrison as Lucy McConky, McConky’s daughter
  • Suzy Nakamura as Tacoma city councilwoman

Tacoma FD Season 4 Plot

Tacoma FD Season 4

As a comedy-drama series, Tacoma FD is based on a group of firefighters from the Tacoma Firehouse who are trying to keep their lives under control.

As Tacoma is one of the moist cities in America, the series tells the story of firefighters who do not have much chance to extinguish fires because there is not much of it to extinguish.

In consequence, as a result of this, the firefighters of Tacoma Firehouse wind up doing jobs that are not essential to their work out of boredom, thus ending up doing funny and non-essential jobs.

The show portrays a group of bored people going through lame jobs in order to get out of their boredom, and the show is hilarious. There is a good chance that the 4th season will start after the fire incident that occurred in season 3.

Regardless of the fact that a sitcom does not follow any of the season’s programs, a fire event might influence the channels and staff members that may be targeted by the fire.

There may be a great deal of influence on Terry and Eddie’s future plans and aspirations as a result of the results.

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Tacoma FD Season 4 Trailer

Based on the latest update, Season 4’s trailer has not yet been aired for the public to see. We might be able to see the trailer for the upcoming show by mid-2022 if we take into consideration the schedule for the show’s release.

In case you are yet to watch season 3, we have included a link to the trailer, so you can check it out if you haven’t already.

Where To Watch Tacoma FD Season 4?

There is a streaming platform for Tacoma FD that is available on the Internet called truTV.com. The series has been streaming all three seasons, so viewers have been able to watch the series from her.

There is no doubt that Tacoma FD Season 4 will be released on the same streaming platform as Tacoma FD Season 3. The fans can look forward to the premiere of season four of Noe in a few months’ time.

Final Word

In the event that you are suffering from a bad or dull day, Tacoma FD is a funny comedy series that you can watch to lighten up your mood.

In conclusion, if you haven’t already seen the series, then I highly recommend that you watch it for a good laugh.