The Lost Symbol Season 2 Release Date, Cast, Storyline and more

The Lost Symbol is a top-rated and unique American action television series that premiered on Peacock. The series is based on a novel written by Dan Brown in 2009, of the same name. Its first season consists of 10 episodes, each with 42-47 minutes of running time.

The series developed by Dan Dworkin & Jay Beattie is a perfectly executed action-adventure and Mystery-thriller. The last episode of its first season was released on November 18, 2021. Now, it’s been over a year, and the fans wonder if there will be a Season 2 of the Lost Symbol.


If you are one of them, we are here to help you. In this article, we will cover every piece of information available regarding Dan Brown’s The Lost Symbol Season 2. So, keep reading it further.

The Lost Symbol Season 2 Release Date

The Lost Symbol Season 2 Release Date

In a statement to Deadline, Peacock made a clear indication of its decision not to renew The Lost Symbol for Season 2. They felt proud for presenting an action-packed thriller with a satisfying and complete story to the audience. However, this clearly shows that the streamer has considered the series finished, and there is no scope for The Lost Symbol Show Second 2.

Therefore, we cannot say anything about the Season 2 release date as this is possible only if Peacock or some other OTT platform decides to revive the series for a second season.


Dan Brown The Lost Symbol Season 2 Cast

Although, The Lost Symbol Season 2 is not yet confirmed. The series may or may not get a renewal for next season. But in case, Season 2 becomes a reality, then the expected cast for it is as follows:

  • Ashley Zukerman will again portray the role of Robert Langdon. The character is a Symbology professor at Harvard.
  • Eddie Izzard will play the role of Peter Solomon. The character is the academic mentor of Robert Langdon.
  • Valorie Curry will act as Peter’s daughter, Katherine Solomon.
  • Mal’akh is a mysterious personality in the series and will be played by Beau Knapp.
  • Rick Gonzalez will be playing the role of Alfonso Nuñez, who is an officer in the police.
  • Sumalee Montano will be seen as Inoue Sato. Inoue is the director of the CIA’s security office.
  • The recurring cast for the series includes Raoul Bhaneja, who will act as Nicholas Bastin. Laura De Carteret will play Isabel Solomon’s role, Keenan Jolliff will portray the role of Peter’s son Zachary Solomon, and Mark Gibbon will act as Samyaza.

Other casts can also be seen in Season 2, like Greg Bryk acting as Ellison Blake, Steve Cumyn acting as Jonathan Knopp, Tyrone Benskin in Warren Bellamy, and Sammi Rotibi playing the role of Agent Adamu.

If premiered, Season 2 Cast can have some new additions also depending upon the plot. However, the producers can only confirm the final Cast if some streamer agrees to renew the series ‘The Lost Symbol.’ 


The Lost Symbol Season 2 Storyline

The Lost Symbol Season 2 Storyline

Its storyline follows young Robert Langdon, whom the CIA hires for solving some life-threatening mysteries to save his abducted guide. Although, as the Peacock said in its statement that the story of Season 1 is complete, predicting the story on its basis is not an easy task, or that will be just a mere assumption. So, we should instead wait for some positive announcement for the series from the producers only.

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Why Peacock Cancelled Season 2 of ‘The Lost Symbol’ 

Why Peacock Cancelled Season 2 of The Lost Symbol

As per the peacock’s statement, the series ended because it is finished. But the fans don’t think like that, as there is still a lot more left that can be shown in Season 2 of the series. So, what can be the reason behind the cancelation?

The critic’s score for the series is just 54% on Rotten Tomatoes. In addition, the average IDB user rating for The Lost Symbol is also very low at 6.4. Premiering the series with such a low audience response is not profitable for the streamer. This can be why The Lost Symbol Show Season 2 gets canceled.

The Conclusion

Dan Dworkin developed and executively produced the series ‘The Lost Symbol’ along with Brian Grazer, Ron Howard, and a few others. The storyline, its execution, and cinematography for the series were outstanding for all the ten episodes of the first season. Unfortunately, the show makers have officially canceled the series, and till now, there is no solid evidence for the renewal status.

We have tried to provide all the available information regarding Season 2 of The Lost Symbol here.

Have you watched the first season of The Lost Symbol? If yes, you can share your views about it in the comment section. Stay tuned and bookmark this page for further updates and news regarding the show.