Imposters Season 3 Release Date, Cast, Storyline, Trailer and more

On June 7, 2018, Imposters completed its second season on Bravo. Will there be a season 3 of imposters? Unfortunately, Bravo canceled the show on June 1, 2018, and will not renew for season three. Therefore, read this blog to know everything about Imposter’s season 3.

Imposter season 3 will not get telecast on Bravo. The show completed two seasons with massive popularity worldwide. It is a television Drak comedy show with ten episodes each in both seasons. This American show has a great storyline with an excellent character mix-match. It’s about a lady who marries a guy, stealing their stuff and leaving them. The show gets better when the new character shows up.


We have done our research, and after clarifying the cast statements, we didn’t get any positive answers for season three of Imposters. So the fans are confused about the show’s season three and asking, is there even a tiny chance to see another season or Imposters? Unfortunately, the probability is Nil, as there are no talks about Imposters’ season three renewal from the cast members. 

Imposters Season 3 Release Date

As we mentioned earlier, the show’s telecasting partner, Bravo, had canceled the series and will not renew its season three. However, there is a twist we could see in the show cause of massive demand from the fans. As fans had witnessed that show is also available on Netflix, there is a chance that they could stream season three of Imposters.

Even if the show gets any other streaming partner who will air the season three episodes of imposters, it will take a long time. Imposter season three release date is expected anytime after 2024. 


There are rumors about the show’s season three streaming on Netflix. As per our research, there are chances of Netflix streaming Imposters’ season three. However, Imposter season three Netflix release date will be after 2024.

Imposters Season 3 Cast

Even if the show finds a way to air its season three, the cast could change as the show’s budget will differ with a new streaming partner. They will have different aspects, which may create a problem for the creators.

The expected cast for season three are mentioned below:-

  • Brian Benben will continue to play as Max. His character is Maddie’s co-worker. He took care of all the details about the conning lovers, as seen in previous seasons. 
  • Parker Young will continue to play as Richard Evans. He is one of Maddie’s former husbands and an ex. In the previous season, he tried to get in touch with other common exes of Maddie. As a result, He filed an investigation against her.
  • Stephen Bishop will continue to play as Patrick Campbell. He is an undercover FBI agent in the show. 
  • Katherine LaNasa will continue to play her role as Sally. In previous seasons, she started working with Maddie, then she left. However, she then started working for a doctor.
  • Marianne Rendon will continue to play Julia Langmore. Her character was seen in the previous season as Maddie’s former wife. She was also part of Richards’s plan to investigate Maddie.

As for now, we think the names mentioned earlier have a high possibility of being a part of the imposter season three cast. There are significantly high chances to see a few more faces with extraordinary characters.

Imposters Season 3 Trailer

A show getting canceled is not a rare thing. However, getting back on screen with a continuous storyline is difficult. As for now, the Season three Imposters trailer will not be aired on any platforms. Even if the show gets an offer from any streaming partner for its performance, it will take time to produce it. 

The predictions are clear. If the show gets a renewal of season three, the trailer will be out sometime after MID 2024.

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Imposters Season 3 Storyline

Imposters Season 3 Storyline

The show officials will have to collaborate with new partners to renew the show’s season three. The partners will have different aspects of the show. For example, the storyline may differ from the previous seasons. In addition, some of the cast members could change. However, there are no expectations for the new season of the show. 

If the Imposter season three did happen in the future, the genre would be the same, i.e., Dark comedy. However, the show’s creators, Adam Brooks and Paul Adelstein will not let other parties change the show’s intentions. 

We predict that season three of Imposters will be more of twists and suspense with drama and dark comedy. This mixture will lead to the show’s storyline. In addition, the new characters with lead roles could take the show to another level. 

Imposters Season 3 Premiere

The Imposter has no plans for season three. The fact that Netflix has chances to stream the show on their platform could be true. If it does happen, then imposter Netflix season three will premiere in late 2024.

The Conclusion

Why is there a high possibility for the show to get back on screen? You won’t believe it, but the ratings and fanbase are excellent. The shows’ IMDB rating is 7.8 out of 10. We believe the chances are significantly less for the show’s return, but anything is possible, and predictions don’t stand any chance here. 

If you have watched the show’s previous seasons, what are your thoughts for season three? Do comment and let us know if there are any chances for the show’s return on Netflix or other platforms.