Flaked Season 3 Release Date, Cast, Plot, Trailer, And All Updates In 2022

Flaked is a Netflix original comedy web series. Flaked is set in the Los Angeles district of Venice and chronicles the life of Chip, who looks to be a recovered alcoholic and self-proclaimed “guru” for the town’s Alcoholics Anonymous organization.

However, not all is as it appears with Chip, but we often find Chip acting more like a man-child than a responsible adult attempting to mend his life.


Will Arnett and Mark Chappell produced the show, featuring Mitch Hurwitz as an executive producer. For those unfamiliar, ‘Flaked‘ is a comparatively recent show, having premiered on March 11, 2016.

Despite getting negative reviews from television experts, Netflix renewed the show in July 2016 for a six-episode Season 2, premiered on June 2, 2017.

Since then, fans have awaited news about the show’s future and the potential of a third season. Here is all we currently know about it.


Flaked Season 3 Release Date

Netflix has not yet renewed the show for the third season of Flaked. The series appears to be on indefinite hold since there is no information on the debut date of the third installment of flaked.

According to some sources, the show has been canceled; however, neither the creators nor the inventors have spoken on the show’s latest happenings.

Typically, Netflix considers a show’s popularity before deciding on its future. In this instance, the popular streamer has not revealed the cause of the series’ continued cancellation.


Nonetheless, we’re optimistic that the streamer will soon have some good news for the show’s viewers. Until then, be patient and binge-watch earlier seasons of the show on Netflix.

Flaked Season 3 Release Date

Flaked Season 3 Cast

Netflix has not yet disclosed the season 3 cast and characters. However, the main protagonists and actors will undoubtedly return.

  • Will Arnett will act as Chip
  • Ruth Kearney will play the role of London/Claire
  • David Sullivan being Dennis
  • George Basil in the role of “Cooler” or John

Flaked Season 3 Plot

The storyline of ‘Flaked’ is rather straightforward: it follows Chip and Dennis, longtime buddies who look to be recovered alcoholics attempting to reclaim their lives.

To be completely candid, the couple is also a member of the community’s Alcoholics Anonymous organization and lives in Dennis’ mother’s house in Los Angeles’ Venice area, where Chip performs as a woodworker and Dennis as a sommelier.

On the other hand, Chip has made a name for himself in the Alcoholics Anonymous group. He is known for being able to help people stop drinking alcohol.

However, Chip is not the guy the community believes him to be — rather than the enlightened self-help guru he portrays himself as. He is a vile creature who is egotistical and aggressive and stinks of toxic masculinity.

Flaked Season 3 Plot

Although pretending to be a sober, solemn alcoholic, Chip also drinks on the side and has an uncanny ability to pick up females on whom Dennis has a crush.

As the show proceeds, Chip abandons his present girlfriend Kara to pursue London, a waitress on whom Dennis has developed a crush.

Naturally, this strains his connection with Dennis. The show follows Chip as he navigates this perilous triangle while simultaneously attempting to keep ahead of the lies he peddles to others.

While the show attempts to be amusing, the show’s comedy isn’t quite off the charts. Additionally, Chip’s broken man-child demeanor is unimpressive, and his rudeness may be a little irritating.

Additionally, the female characters in the series are underdeveloped and function more as reflections of Chip and Dennis’ wants than as characters contributing to the story’s uniqueness.

As a result, the show fails to take off, and even Will Arnett fans may be dissatisfied by the show’s lackluster narrative and execution.

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Flaked Season 3 Trailer

The trailer has not yet been made disclosed. Fans are awaiting the trailer with eager anticipation. The teaser will give viewers a sneak glimpse at some of the next season’s scenes. The third season’s comeback is taking a long time.

Where To Watch Flaked Season 3?

Season 3 of the show will release on Netflix like its previous two seasons. Now, you can watch previous seasons on Netflix and enjoy!


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