All Rise Season 3 Release Date: Has All Rise Been Renewed For Season 3?

‘All Rise’ was released for the first time on September 23, 2019, by Greg Spottiswood. Lola Carmichael is a recently appointed judge of Los Angeles County Superior Court in the political drama television series.

She is generally admired for taking a proactive attitude when circumstances necessitate it. Additionally, the documentary follows other legal experts in the courts as they strive to deliver justice despite systemic faults. It received a great response from reviewers and audiences upon its premiere.


While many lauded the show’s storyline, many pointed out that outdated cliches worked against it. The series gained critical acclaim for its cast’s variety and performances, as well as its clever conversation.

Additionally, it has been lauded for how characters and conflict are presented. However, some viewers believed that the legal series might come off as preachy at times.

However, this has not deterred viewers from appreciating the show for what it is. As the second season draws to a conclusion, fans are on the lookout for word on whether or not there will be a third. Thus, here is all the information you need!


Is All Rise Renewed For Season 3?

Everyone wants to know will All Rise have a season 3? The answer is Yes! The canceled CBS series casting Simone Missick has been revived for a third season with 20 episodes.

All Rise Season 3 Premiere Date: When Does All Rise Season 3 Start?

Season 3 of All Rise is expected to air in late 2022. The creators have not yet made an official declaration regarding the release date. 

All Rise Season 3 Cast

The great news is that most of the actors from Season 2 will return for Season 3. This year, your favorite stars will once again wow you with their magnificent performances. The following list contains all of the Season 2 cast members.

  • Deputy Sheriff Luke Watkins in the role of Alex Brinson.
  • Emily Lopez in the role of Jessica Camacho.
  • Sherri Kansky in the role of Ruthie Ann Miles.
  • Marg Helgenberger as Decide Lisa Benner.
  • Sara Castillo in the role of Lindsay Mendez.
  • Wilson Bethel being Mark Callan.

All Rise Season 3 Plot

All Rise Season 3 Plot

Everyone anticipates judges to be entirely objective and stunningly accurate constantly. It is mainly because it is difficult to violate the law, even when there are loopholes, in the majority of cases. We are all flawed, though, and Lola and her coworkers are no exception.

They typically identify with the people whose hearts they are about to crush with a terrible punishment. On the other hand, human sympathy is not a viable defense. Additionally, attorneys and judges are upset with one another — someone made a colleague appear foolish, which lowers their self-esteem.

Lawyers are notoriously self-centered and are incapable of forgiving others for their errors. Additionally, attorneys are capable of breaching the law when they are overcome by intense emotions.

On the other side, these documents can only be utilized to destroy a career and create significant discomfort.

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All Rise Season 3 Trailer

Unfortunately, no trailer has been published for season 3, which is slated to premiere in 2022. Until then, you must watch Seasons 1 and 2 on CBS to get a sense of the storyline and the cast’s performances.

Where Can I Watch All Rise Season 3?

Season 3 will premiere on CBS and OWN. Those interested in seeing the series can do so by purchasing a CBS membership. For $5.99/month, those who don’t mind viewing a few ads may subscribe to the restricted commercial plan. On the other hand, it may be ad-free by subscribing to the commercial-free plan for $9.99/month.

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