Top Boy Season 5 Release Date, Cast, Plot, Trailer, And Many More

Top Boy is a British crime drama television series. The series, created and written by Ronan Bennett, is set on the fictitious Summerhouse estate in Hackney, London.

Top Boy season 5 is almost certainly on the way, based on the show’s dramatic season 4 ending, which left a lot of major topics unanswered.


The fourth season of the crime thriller, which recently premiered on Netflix, takes place on a worldwide scale as Dushane strives to internationalize his drug enterprise.

With surprises galore from the start, this has to be the show’s most ambitious season yet.

So when could a possible Top Boy season 5 begin and what would happen? Here is the most up-to-date information about the renowned series’ future.


Top Boy Season 5 Release Date: When Is Top Boy Season 5 Coming Out?

Without additional information from Netflix, it’s hard to ascertain, especially given that the season hasn’t even been formally announced at this moment.

The gap between seasons three and four seemed lengthy, but it seems that this was due to Covid-19-related setbacks, so let’s hope the wait for season five isn’t quite as long. As so, we anticipated Top Boy’s arrival in 2023.

Top Boy Season 5 Cast

It’s difficult to predict without formal confirmation. So, we would anticipate Dushane and Sully returning for a second season, as what is Top Boy without Dushane and Sully?


Shelly, Jaqs, Stef, and the rest of the supporting cast are also expected to return. Meanwhile, it appears as though Ats, Kit, and Jamie (Michael Ward) would not appear in future series, as they all died during season 4.

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Top Boy Season 5 Plot

To be sure, someone is going to inhale some smoke. There was much too much treachery last season for there to be no fallout.

Sully’s actions are almost certain to have created a new schism between him and Dushane. Dushane’s retirement plan included turning over the drug controls to Jamie. Sully’s decision to abandon that strategy suggests that Dushane will not take it lying down.

Unless he is lying down, trapped by the fear he appears to have grown throughout season four. Dushane’s mental health may become a source of contention in the future, which will provide him with a new challenge.

Top Boy Season 5 Plot

In terms of revenge, the interaction between Sully and Jamie’s younger brother Stef was revealing — a prolonged stare in which Stef’s astonishment and amazement were swapped for grief, a hint of remorse, and maybe resolution on Sully’s part. It’s a reasonable assumption that schoolboy Stef and bookworm Aaron (Jamie’s other sibling) would like to settle that score.

It would be fascinating to observe how Aaron handles his new role as earner and protector of Stef. Will he abandon his university career and join Jamie on the streets? Season five will reveal all.

Jamie’s brothers are not the only ones who have been spurned, and Jaq’s sister Lauryn will probably have to keep an eye on her. You’d think that murdering her controlling, violent ex-boyfriend Curtis (Howard Charles) would put her out of danger.

Not a chance: in comparison to his sister Vee, Curtis is a lapdog. Still, a disturbing lapdog. There is no world in which she would not seek vengeance for the loss of the brother she adored. It appears that Lauryn will have to keep an eye out for more than just her newborn kid.

Shelly, Dushane’s girlfriend, is known to have at least one skeleton in her closet, which might potentially spring out. For the time being, she has been able to conceal her ex-homicidal boyfriend’s activities by digging up and disposing of the body.

Nevertheless, her blackmailer (who also happens to be the victim’s ex-girlfriend) has the potential to ruin her season by revealing her secret.

Top Boy Season 5 Trailer

No trailer for Top Boy season 5 yet. We will update this section when we get some news! For now, you can simply watch the previous season’s trailers.

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