Brews Brothers Season 2 Release Date: Renewed or Canceled On Netflix!

Netflix’s comedic sitcom ‘Brews Brothers‘ struggled to entertain reviewers with its concept of two separated brothers, Adam and Will, banding together to keep Will’s loss-making brewery afloat.

However, the show’s real family relationships and edgy comedy satisfied a slew of genre enthusiasts.


After binge-watching the first season of Greg Schaffer’s invention, fans eagerly await word on the show’s renewal. If you’re a fan and curious about the release date of Brews Brothers season 2, read on. Here is what we currently know.

Brews Brothers Season 2 Release Date

Brews Brothers season 1 rapidly progressed, with Netflix announcing an eight-episode series pickup in August 2019 and the show debuting nearly eight months later, in April 2020. However, nothing is going ahead.

Due to the coronavirus outbreak, practically all television and film production has been halted indefinitely. Even if Netflix approves Brews Brothers season 2, it may be some time before it comes.


Brews Brothers season 2 might premiere in summer 2023 if the lockdown is lifted soon. However, be prepared for a lengthy wait.

Brews Brothers Season 2 Release Date
Brews Brothers Season 2 Release Date

Brews Brothers Season 2 Cast

The show’s developers have not announced the show’s cast. However, fans may anticipate seeing familiar faces. Though it is a revival, some fresh faces must be there. However, the anticipated Brew Brother Season 2 cast is as follows:

  • Mike Mitchell being Jack
  • James Earl will act as Matt.
  • Alan Aisenberg being Wilhelm Rodman
  • Marques Ray being Chuy
  • Zach Reino will play the role of Elvis
  • Flula Borg will perform as Truffle.
  • Mike Castle will act as Adam Rodman
  • Carmen Flood, in the role of Sarah
  • Inanna Sarkis being Becky

Brews Brothers Season 2 Plot

Season 1 features two brothers, Wilhelm and Adam Rodman, who have not spoken since a huge fight over beer. When Will’s brewery begins to collapse terribly due to Will’s dumb business ideas, his buddy Sarah contacts Adam for assistance, and the situation only worsens from there.


Will and Adam are both specialists in beer-making, having spent their childhoods mastering hop harvesting, but their approaches are opposed, just like their diverse personalities.

Brews Brothers Season 2 Plot

All through the season, we watch them arguing over the perfect beverage, which has the potential to propel their business to greater heights.

Finally, the 2 brothers are bound to make a tough choice, and Sarah, Will, and Adam collaborate to come on Braumeister Thomas’ door in search of inspiration for their new business.

In season 2, we can anticipate the two brothers and Sarah launching a new business endeavor dedicated to doing what they love: making exquisitely crafted beer.

After acquiring wisdom in the monastery, the brothers may have received insight that will aid them in expanding their brotherhood and operating a brewery effectively.

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Brews Brothers Season 2 Trailer

While we await an official update on ‘Brews Brothers’ season 2, enjoy the season 1 trailer!

Brews Brothers Season 1 Episodes Guide

Brews Brothers season 1 consists of 8 episodes:

  • The Brothers Rodman
  • Recreate the Opus
  • Taste of Van Nuys
  • Monk Monday
  • LA’s Best Nose
  • Lazlo Suna
  • Krachtbal
  • The Trink

Where To Stream Brews Brothers Season 2?

Brews Brothers Season 2 will be going to release on Netflix. Now, season 1 is available to stream on Netflix. So, go and check out now!

Have you watched season 1 of the show? If not, then go and watch now to get the idea of next season’s storyline. Stay connected with us for more info on TV shows and web series!