The Outlaws Season 2 Release Date: Renewed Or Canceled?

‘The Outlaws,’ produced by Stephen Merchant and Elgin James, is a fantastic criminal drama dark comedy series filled with cat-and-mouse pursuits through graffiti-strewn streets.

The series chronicles the exploits of a gang of seven small-time crooks from diverse backgrounds. However, at the crossroads of the local payback service, they collide, resulting in mishaps. They amass a large monetary haul, and things go awry.


Following its premiere, the BBC and Amazon Studios’ original series garnered widespread attention for various reasons – from its on-camera whitewashing of a Banksy painting to its magnificent representation of Bristol.

However, you may be cheering for another season following the season finale. If you require further information on the subject, allow us to assist you.

The Outlaws Season 2 Release Date
The Outlaws Season 2 Release Date

The Outlaws Season 2 Release Date

The Outlaws premiered in October 2021 in the United Kingdom. On April 1, 2022, it had its global debut on Amazon Prime. The season comprised six episodes, all of which were broadcast concurrently.


Luckily for fans, The Outlaws Season 2 has already been greenlit for production! It was renewed officially in January 2021!

Thus, season 2 began production immediately following the first season’s conclusion. However, work was confined to the studio since the actors and staff could not move due to the epidemic.

The Outlaws’ second season is presently in production. The official release date for The Outlaws Season 2 is not yet available. However, we anticipate it will be released by the end of 2022.


The Outlaws Season 2 Plot

Although the producers opted for a distinctively humorous tone, the first season’s conclusion is not all pomp and circumstance. Ben (acting as Christian) usurps a big bread from the mansion of the opposing gang boss, The Dean, towards the start of the first season.

We subsequently discover that The Brookhill Crew protects the Dean on Ben’s home turf. As Malaki subsequently relates, money was scarce, and he was not receiving a fair amount of business in his jurisdiction.

Esme shoots Spider, and Ben whisks her away to a cool Airbnb. However, the gang eventually apprehends Ben and informs investigator Lucy Haines about the shooting incident.

Ben pleads guilty to all charges and is prepared to serve time in prison, but Spider survives the gunshot wound. Due to the clever plot devised by community payback director Diane, Ben and the gang receive an additional 100 hours of community service. Frank begins whitewashing a Banksy painting in the final seconds of season 1.

The Outlaws Season 2 Plot
The Outlaws Season 2 Plot

Things might go awry again in the follow-up season. The characters get increasingly complicated throughout the first six episodes. While the first season’s conclusion does the cast a disservice by failing to pull them out of their corners, it also leaves viewers wanting more.

The second season may provide closure for Ben and Rani as they get more intimate. Additionally, Rani may return to Oxford, God willing, while Esme may eventually comprehend the benefits of her conduct.

Esme has the choice of retaking the exam she declined the first time. She and Ben may even be rejoined with their mother, who is gravely ill. After the first season, Myrna re-joins her group by a vote.

However, she may run into difficulty if another police car is hijacked. Additionally, we’ll see whether Gabby manages her music festival and whether she marries sad-sack geek Greg.

Finally, Frank decides to stay at home after the conclusion of the first round, though the wily old pro may reconsider in the next season.

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The Outlaws Season 2 Cast

The expected cast of The Outlaws season 2 is as follows:

  • Eleanor Tomlinson.
  • Rhianne Barreto.
  • Jessica Gunning.
  • Darren Boyd.
  • Clare Perkins.
  • Charles Babalola.
  • Gamba Cole.
  • Stephen Merchant

The Outlaws Season 2 Trailer

Season 2 of The Outlaws has not yet had a trailer since the first is currently streaming. We have no idea how the story will conclude. We only know when the season finale will most likely be streamed. However, here is the first season’s trailer:

Where To Watch The Outlaws Season 2?

The Outlaws season 2 will release on Amazon Prime Video. Season 1 is available to watch on Amazon Prime. So, go and check out!