The Rumors Of Maria Menounos Plastic Surgery Is True?

A professional journalist, actress, and television personality, Maria Menounos has been active in the media for over a decade. As a host of the Eurovision Song Contest in Athens in 2006, Menounos has appeared on a variety of shows on television, including Hollywood, Today, and Extra. In addition, she has appeared in several film roles.

At the moment, she is also a WWE contract holder. In 2013, she became an ambassador for WWE, a position that she has held since then. Also, she hosts a podcast called Conversations with Maria Menounos that is available on iTunes.


As well as being a co-founder and CEO of AfterBuzz TV, a network of podcast series that is based online, she is also an actress. And has achieved immense popularity.

Early Life Of Maria Menounos

Early Life Of Maria Menounos

It was on June 8, 1978, that Maria Menounos was born in Medford, Massachusetts. Costas and Litsa Menounos, her parents, were Greek immigrants from the island of Crete who raised her.


During her childhood, her parents worked as janitors in a Boston nightclub. In accordance with what is known about her, she has a younger brother named Peter.

At Somerville’s Virgin Mary Greek Orthodox Church, she completed all of her formal Education to receive a degree in Education.

As well as attending Medford High School, she was also a medical community member. As a result of her participation in beauty pageants, she had the honour of winning the title of ‘Miss Massachusetts Teen USA’ after finishing 15th in the Miss Teen USA competition.


Career Of Maria Menounos

Career Of Maria Menounos

In 1995, Maria first began to model and compete in beauty pageants, which was the beginning of her modelling career. During her adolescence, she won the title of Ms. Massachusetts Teen, USA, but was unable to win the title of Miss Teen USA as an adult.

During her time in college, she began her career as a reporter and worked for Channel One News as a reporter. As Maria was present at a number of major events in 2001, she was able to interview NATO aircrew members as well as survivors of the earthquake that occurred in the same year.

As well as being a wrestler, she made her debut as a wrestler back in 2009. She won many matches during her career as a member of the WWE homage to the troop’s team.

Having worked as a correspondent for Access Hollywood and Tonight, she was able to make her feature film debut in 2005 as a nurse in Fantastic Four.

During her time working on voice dubbing for the James Bond video game, she received a lot of attention for the quality of her voice.

During her time at the ABC Network, Maria Menounos launched a show called “conversations with Maria Menounos”, and she featured Zoe Saldana as her first guest. She also launched a show called “following Maria Menounos” in 2014.

Is It True Maria Menounos Had Plastic Surgery?

Is It True Maria Menounos Had Plastic Surgery

It is undeniable that Maria Menounos is an extremely beautiful woman. In spite of the fact that she is 44 years old, she appears very radiant, glowing, and young.

Thus now fans are speculating a lot of things regarding Plastic Surgery. She must have had antiwrinkle injections, and that is what has enabled her to stay wrinkle-free like that for such a long time.

It is not unusual for one to have a few lines and wrinkles by 44 years of age, regardless of how good the skincare is, what diet one consumes, and how much exercise one does.

According to her fans, she now has a more pointed and straighter nose than she did before. In spite of that, there are some who believe that Maria Menounos would not be a good candidate for a nose job because she is a wrestler. As far as Maria Menounos is concerned, she has never confirmed or denied any of these rumours and speculations about her.

Final Verdict

It is no secret that Maria is a talented woman with a broad range of interests and skills. In addition to her work in entertainment, news, and sports, she has made a name for herself in a variety of other fields.

In addition to being physically fit and active, Maria is an enthusiastic host and entertainer who enjoys all aspects of hosting. She is a self-made woman who has achieved all her success through hard work, making her popular and famous because of her work.