The Split Season 3 Confirmed Release Date, Plot, Trailer, Cast, And Where To Watch

The Split is a British legal comedy TV series that airs in the United Kingdom on BBC One and the United States on the Sundance Channel. The drama, produced by Welsh writer Abi Morgan, also stars Jane Eden and Louise Ironside. It depicts the lives of a household of divorce attorneys.

‘The Split’ was ordered to series in August 2016, and in January 2017, Sundance Channel announced a partnership with the BBC to produce the show. Production started in July 2017, and Season 1, comprised of six episodes, debuted in April 2018.


The show instantly garnered praise from television reviewers and audiences alike, who complimented the cast’s performances, the dramatic storyline, and the show’s analysis of timely sociopolitical issues.

Hence, it was unsurprising when the show was confirmed for a second season. Now that season 2 has finished, here is all we currently know about season 3 of ‘The Split.’

The Split Season 3 Release Date

The Split season 3 will premiere on BBC One on 4 April at 9 pm. All subsequent episodes will be available to watch on iPlayer as well.


In June 2021, filming for season 3 has started. The second season averaged above six million viewers and over 19 million streaming, propelling it to third place on BBC iPlayer’s drama rankings in 2020.

The Split Season 3 Cast

Several familiar faces will return for Season 3 of The Split as we prepare to say goodbye to the people we’ve followed for the last two seasons. The following is a list of likely to return for the last season.

  • Lara Pulver will perform as Kate
  • Nicola Walker being Hannah Stern
  • Annabel Scholey being Nina Defoe
  • Stephen Mangan will act as Nathan Stern
  • Deborah Findlay will act as Ruth Defoe
  • Fiona Button in the role of Rose Defoe

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The Split Season 3 Plot

‘The Split’ storyline is set against the backdrop of high-profile divorces in London and covers the Defoe family and Hannah’s personal life.

The eldest and most responsible of the three Defoe kids, Hannah Defoe, felt abandoned when her mother, Ruth, the fearsome head of the family law practice, refused her a promotion.

Hannah, dissatisfied, joins a competing legal firm, Noble & Hale, where she meets her former sweetheart, Christie Carmichael, a dynamic lawyer.

Hannah’s life becomes incredibly tough once she joins Noble & Hale, as she must struggle with her furious family and her troubled marital life.

On the one side, Hannah must deal with her intimidating mother and impetuous younger sister, particularly when emotions over a wealthy couple’s divorce boil and Hannah is placed against her family law company.

On the other side, Hannah must manage her marital life – married to an unfaithful husband, Nathan, and the mother of three children, Hannah must choose between her family obligations and her increasing affections for Christie.

Things become much more problematic when Oscar Defoe, Hannah’s father, makes an unexpected return after 30 years. Amid all this drama, Hannah’s youngest sister Rose prepares to marry, compelling the Defoe family to address their differences and come together for the wedding.

However, as is to be anticipated in a family drama, Rose’s wedding does not end well, and the Defoes are once again forced to cope with difficult family dynamics.

Hannah is caught between her affections for Christie and her responsibility to her children as the season winds down, and fans wonder whether Hannah will leave Nathan and pursue Christie.

In Season 2 of ‘The Split,’ the Defoe family returns as the newly integrated legal firm Noble Hale Defoe. The remainder of the article details the numerous cases managed by the prominent legal clan.

Season 3 is intended to address the season 2 finale’s several cliffhangers. It should also conclude the plot, as this will certainly be the show’s final episode.

The Split Season 3 Trailer

Finally, a dramatic trailer for this next series has been revealed, which you can watch here:

Where To Watch The Split Season 3?

The Split Season 3 and final season will premiere on BBC One on 4 April 2022, while seasons 1 and 2 are now available on the BBC iPlayer. So, what are you waiting for? Go and check out!

Final Words

That’s all about The Split season 3. If you haven’t streamed season 1 and season 2, then watch them now on BBC iPlayer. What do you think about the storyline of the next season? Tell us in the comments!

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