Vanessa Hudgens Boyfriend And Her Relationship Timeline!

In addition to being an actress, singer, and producer, Vanessa Hudgens is a beautiful and talented person. The actress gained fame after playing Gabriella Montez in Disney Channel Original Movie High School Musical, along with Taylor Swift.

As a leading actress, she was especially impressive in 2007 and 2008 in the sequels to High School Musical 2. Aside from that, she has also appeared in such films as Spring Breakers, Beastly, The Princess Switch, The Princess Switch: Switched Again, etc.


In this article, we will talk about Vanessa Hudgens Boyfriends and relationship timeline.

Cole Tucker and Vanessa Hudgens have been dating for quite some time now

Vanessa Hudgens Boyfriend Cole Tucker

She did not get bored after splitting up with her ex-boyfriend Austin Butler as soon as she decided to end the relationship. During the recent holiday of Valentine’s Day in 2021, Cole Tucker, a man she is in a relationship with, confirmed that he is her boyfriend via Instagram.


It can be said that Tucker plays both shortstop and outfield for the Pittsburgh Pirates who are members of the Major League Baseball (MLB). Hudgens is willingly posting cute photos of the couple together.

In addition to saying pleasant things about his girlfriend to reporters during the spring session of training, Cole also commented: “I’ve got a girlfriend, and she’s great.” Rumors spread about their relationship after Hudgens shared a photo of them with the caption “Date night.”.

Earlier that evening, we saw the couple getting into a car outside of Canyon Country Store after staying in Canyon Country for a while. However, the couple has been dating each other for a very long time.


Additionally, it has come to our attention that as recently as February, during the 28th annual SAG Awards, Hudgens dazzled in a custom Versace gown that made an appearance on the red carpet, with Tucker standing proudly by her side.

Zac Efron And Vanessa Hudgens Dating History

Vanessa Hudgens Boyfriend Zac Efron

She was dating Zac Efron, who was her co-star in the film. The film High School Musical and its sequels both portrayed a couple of singers who are always smiling because that is what they are passionate about.

So, they became a real-life couple as well after they became a screen couple. In 2005, the relationship started quietly, but it only became public in 2006 when the couple appeared on the red carpet in public as a couple.

In an interview with People, Vanessa revealed that their relationship began right from the very beginning: “We were a perfect match from the first moment we met,” she recalls. A rumor spread that Hudgens and her boyfriend had broken up after the vacation she took in 2007.

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Who She Has Dated After Zac?

Vanessa Hudgens Boyfriend Austin Butler

The actress wasn’t single for very long after her breakup with Zac Efron. A few months after the breakup, Austin Butler, an American actor, and singer, began dating her.

When filming High School Musical, they were introduced to each other for the first time. In 2011, Butler was spotted walking out of Hudgens’ home when Butler was spotted coming out of the couple’s residence.

Throughout the years, the two have supported each other in their careers, posted wonderful pictures on social media such as Instagram for each other, and posted inspirational captions for each other.

In spite of the support, they broke up after nine years of long-distance relationships due to busy schedules, and the lack of support to maintain the relationship did not help.