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What Is Mac Jones Girlfriend Name?



Mac Jones Girlfriend

In this article, we will talk about Mac Jones Girlfriend. The New England Patriots are no doubt happy to have Mac Jones as their newest starting quarterback this season. During the first round of the NFL draft held in 2021, they drafted the young football player, who was a star during his college career at Alabama.

In the same year, he signed his four-year rookie contract and has since participated in the team’s training programs. This marked the first time in the history of the NFL that a rookie quarterback completed more than 80 percent of his passes in consecutive games.

As for his performance in all three of these categories, he fared better than any other rookie quarterback in 2021.

Is Mac Jones’ is dating Sophie Scott

Is Mac Jones' is dating Sophie Scott

Sophie Scott and Mac Jones have been dating since the year 2019, and they have been going out a lot. During their time at the University of Alabama, the two got to know each other while attending classes together.

The Alabama Crimson Tides’ starting quarterback Mac Jones has been supporting her since before he became the team’s starting quarterback.

In fact, they now live in the Massachusetts area together. As of September 20, 2021, the pair celebrated their two-year anniversary, and they are still going strong in their relationship. Jones and Sophie are always pictured together as well as Sophie is seen frequently at Jones’ games. 

Who is Sophie Scott?


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Model Sophie Scott has been with Mac Jones for the last couple of years, as she is a well-known influencer and model. Having gained a large following of fans after posting a supportive message on Instagram during the day Jones announced his intention to enter the NFL Draft, she was initially recognized by the football world.

After graduating high school, Sophie was recruited by the University of Alabama as a Division 1 player. Then, shortly afterward, it was discovered that she suffered two ACL injuries, which led to the premature end of her playing career.

The Kinesiology and Exercise Science degree that Sophie received from college is the result of her academic attainment. At the University Orthopedic Clinic & Spine Center in Tuscaloosa, Amy Scott, a physical therapist and occupational therapy aide, currently works in the field of physical therapy and occupational therapy.

Currently, she has a following of more than 90 thousand followers on her Instagram account, which makes her one of the most popular figures on the platform.

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Sophie Scott announced Scott’s 2021 NFL Draft selection

Mac Jones Girlfriend

Scott was supportive of Jones when he shared a heartfelt message on Instagram that month after the signal-caller officially declared for the NFL Draft.

The most important thing for me is that you’ve chosen to forge ahead with your dreams by declaring for the NFL Draft in 2021. I’m so proud of you. The next chapter is going to be fascinating, ” Scott wrote about what was coming up at the time.

A picture of Sophie Scott with her quarterback boyfriend appeared on her Instagram story the other day. This picture shows them in a situation that suggests they are having dinner together.

In addition, Scott attended the rookie night debut with Jones. In a series of Instagram Stories posted on Sunday, Sophie shared a glimpse of her day at Gillette Stadium, where she and the Pats lost to the Dolphins 17-16 in Week 1 of the NFL season.

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