Deshaun Watson

Net Worth

 Deshaun Watson was born on  September 14, 1995.

He is 6 feet tall and weighs 79 Kg

During his childhood, he did not have a father present to guide him, which was very difficult for the whole family.

Besides fighting stage-5 tongue cancer, Deshaun Watson's mom is a great example of a mother to a son.

According to reliable sources, the net worth of Deshaun Watson is estimated to be  $5 million.

Jilly Anais, an Instagram model, is believed to be the girlfriend of Deshaun Watson.

The player likes high-end cars and is particularly fond of them.

Deshaun Watson has achieved tremendous success and fame throughout his career.

His willingness to work hard and dedicate himself to his gameplay has made all it possible for him to achieve.