What Is The Name Of Seth MacFarlane Girlfriend?

A very well known American actor, screenwriter, producer, director, singer, and screenwriter is none other than Seth Macfarlane. It is worth noting that he has won five Emmy Awards out of the 23 times he has been nominated.

As well as numerous Hollywood accolades, the movie ‘Ted,’ in which he co-wrote the music, garnered a 2013 Academy Award nomination for Best Original Song.


On March 9, 2019, he was honored with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in recognition of his work as an actor. In addition to that, the next year, in 2020, he will be inducted into the Television Hall of Fame, where he will be recognized for his accomplishments and contributions to the television series industry.

He is a talented artist who has been acclaimed critically and has a wealth of experience. Seth’s ability to win the hearts of dozens of gorgeous ladies at random instances is quite good.

There have been a lot of women in MacFarlane’s life


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Throughout his career, Seth MacFarlane has been involved with a lot of women. It has been rumored for some time that he had dated co-stars and other celebrities on a casual basis, but the truth is that he has.

His first serious relationship was with Nicole Sullivan from 1998 to 2000. From 2001 to 2006, he dated Christa Campbell and Jessica Barth, Camille Guaty and Kat Foster the following year, and Amanda Bynes and Eliza Dushku in 2008.

His past romantic relationships include dates with Katie Sah and Kaylee DeFer in 2009, as well as Trisha Cummings in 2010 and Emilia Clarke from Game of Thrones in 2012. Halston Sage was also linked to him in 2017, but no official announcement was made.


Anne Winter is rumored to be dating him

Seth MacFarlane Girlfriend Anne Winter

MacFarlane has been reported to be dating his Orville co-star Anne Winter as per the website Creeto. In December 2020, Winter seemed to have made their Instagram official when she posted a photo of the two of them cuddling and watching a movie.

During his time as an Orville co-star, Halston Sage, MacFarlane dated another of his co-stars, MacFarlane dated her in 2017. It seems that Seth and Anne had a couple of dinner dates before her departure from the show without explanation after two seasons, and their relationship seemed to fizzle out after that.

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When They Confirmed The News

In the past, Seth has had romantic relationships with other actresses, including co-star Helen Schrage, with whom he starred in The Deep End.

They hoped a long time would pass between MacFarlane and Schrage as a way of keeping their relationship moving forward. It came as an absolute surprise to the public when Seth and Anne announced their relationship in an Instagram story.

The following was published by Anne on the official Instagram account of her company on a Saturday night. Fans were left confused since it appeared that they did not know about Seth and Schrage’s break-up because they didn’t seem to have seen anything about it.

There is a twenty-year age difference between Seth MacFarlane and Anne. A couple of years ago, the 28-year-old actress made her debut in the film A Christmas Snow, launching her career as an actress.

It wasn’t until she appeared in the drama series AwesomenessTV and the drama series on go90 that Anne gained acclaim. In the next two seasons, Cold Winters appeared in 13 Reasons Why on Netflix alongside the other ensemble cast members.