Do You Think Chelsea Handler Boyfriend Made Her So Popular?

With over twenty years of experience as a standup comedian, Chelsea Handler, 46, is one of the most accomplished comedians of our time. The comedian is known for gaining great fame from her E! series.

There is no denying that lately, Chelsea has been able to feel a special connection with her fans, which has led to her creating successful docu-series such as Chelsea Does and Hello Privilege.


On top of that, Chelsea also has a talk show and a comedy special called Uganda Be Kidding Me, which is also for Netflix. The comic book writer has been open and honest with her fans about her personal life, including her most recent relationship with her comic colleague Jo Koy and about her personal relationships.

Whom Chelsea Handler Dated Till Now?

Chelsea Handler Dating

There have been a lot of boys that Chelsea Handler has been dating up until now. Of course, some were more serious and some were more casual.


It would not be an exaggeration to say, however, that the Chelsea handler has a great deal of experience in dating. As mentioned above, she has been in relationships with many well-known personalities.

Ted Harbert, 50 Cent, and Andre Balazs are the well-known personalities whom Chelsea Handler has dated till now. But currently, the rumors claim that Chelsea Handler is in a relationship with Jo Koy.

Jo Koy, who is he?

Chelsea Handler boyfriend Jo Koy


The two have known each other for years, and Jo Koy, 50, has been a frequent panelist on Chelsea Lately. As a fellow comedian and writer, Jo Koy is no stranger to Chelsea lately.

In 2017, Koy would break the record for the most tickets sold by a single artist, which John C. Reilly had held for the previous two years.

According to his official website, the Honolulu mayor’s office proclaimed November 24th to be “Jo Koy Day”. He reached the top of the Billboard comedy charts this year with his live standup album, Live from Seattle, and has become a household name in the comedy industry and has his weekly podcast, The Koy Pond with Jo Koy.

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How long has been dating each other?

The couple spent time together at the end of August 2021 when they went to see the Dodgers play in Los Angeles. Both sat side-by-side in their Dodgers apparel, matching each other from head to toe.

There has been a report it claimed that the two were allegedly seen kissing at one point during the event. It has also been reported that the couple was spotted kissing while out in Montecito, California, according to celebrity gossip website Deuxmoi.

Details on Chelsea Handler and Jo Koy’s relationship

Handler opened up about his relationship with Koy during his appearance on The Tonight Show in 2021, ensuring that everyone can have hope of meeting someone like him.

As she told host Jimmy Fallon, “I have hope for every person in this world if I have fallen in love at the age of 46.” “Over the past couple of years,” Handler said, men had been “very discouraging,” and she was curious about who she might end up with before she dated Koy.