When Will Oddballs Release On Netflix? Check Details Here!

Have you listened to the YouTube Channel odd 1s Out? Perhaps you have, after all, almost 20 million subscribers, and because of the quality content it delivers, Netflix came out. And now they’re accomplishing a series jointly! That’s correct!

A project named Oddballs is slated for the premiere as part of Netflix After School. So, let’s talk regarding the Oddballs Netflix Release Date and everything else we worked on mining up for you.


Created by James Rallison’s online funny videos, Oddballs will be the most delinquent complement to the extensive archives that Netflix has and aims to include for their children’s programming.

This new vibrant series will concentrate on the personalities that Rallison tended to increase with his YouTube Channel, leading us that something as unique as a channel can develop into a task that can get gathered up by a titan like Netflix. Currently, Rallison and his Oddballs are standing on the shoulders of goliaths.

Oddballs Netflix release date

Oddballs will premiere on Netflix after this year. Similarly, the streaming platform will debut this show in 2022. But they didn’t fix when. We’ll keep a vision out and let you know.


Moreover, if you desire more immediate information, always check out the YouTube channel from Odd 1s Out, as Rallison regularly publishes updates regarding his partnerships there.

Periodically overtly, other terms are rather cryptically and difficult to choose up. Still, as shortly as we obtain trustworthy information on this series, we will publish an update for you. Thanks for your engagement.

Oddballs Netflix Release Date


Oddballs Netflix Cast

Oddballs come from developers James Rallison and Ethan Banville. Banvilel and Rallison act as administrative producers alongside Carl Faruolo, Michael Zoumas, Atomic Cartoon’s Jennifer Twiner McCarron, Matthew Berkowitz, and Aaron Behl. The characters for the show involve James Rallison, Julian Gant, Kimberly Brooks, Gary Anthony Williams, and Carl Faruolo.

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Oddballs Netflix Plot

Oddballs are the history of James, a bubble-shaped child who runs on uproarious rants regarding minor and everyday problems, often embellishing them to crazy harmonies.

He is bound by his crocodile friend Max and Echo, a girl who declares to have been brought from the future. James and his buddies will develop absurd plots that nearly always end in tragedy (but in a ha-ha way, not an uh-oh course).

This new collaboration between Netflix and selected internet skills could be what the streaming platform needs to increase its subscription momentum following a subpar first quarter.

Rallison gets an already devoted fan base and a well-selected brand name to the streaming company. And the new series will certainly attract some people to come back to the giant streaming service.

Oddballs Netflix Plot

As James describes in his statement video, Oddballs will increase the belief viewers already value the YouTube channel.

It will track the bubbly James, a few new buddies, crocodile Max, and potential time-traveler Echo. James’ drive against daily problems will reach new funny heights in the sequel — and possibly bring him into a little bit of risk.

Oddballs Netflix Trailer

Here is the trailer for Oddballs: