Young Rock Season 3 Release Date And Renewal Status By NBC In 2022

Young Rock is an American series based upon the life tale of skilled wrestler and star Dwayne Johnson. He is even recognized by his ring title, “The Rock,” and is highlighted in the show.

Produced by Jeff Chiang and Nahnatchka Khan, the show concentrates on Dwayne Johnson’s vitality, his profession, and how his path varied as time expired. In 2032, he stands for President of the US; it offers viewers a peek into his history and his affinity with his family.


The circumstances that ensued shaped him into the guy he is today. The series’s first season debuted on February 16, 2021, on NBC, obtaining favorable feedback from the audience and analysts.

Based on this, the series was resumed for a second season in April 2021 and was aired on March 15, 2022. Before this, a particular episode was broadcasted on December 15, 2021.

Previous seasons of the show have 19 episodes involving the particular episode with an intermediate running time of about 25 minutes. Here are all updates about Young Rock season 3.


Young Rock Season 3 Release Date

Officially, NBC has eventually resumed Young Rock for a third season. The renewal was approved on May 12, 2022. The information was shared on the authorized NBC Twitter account.




NBC announced the series’ revival, and the second season of Young Rock is even debuting on the channel. So, requesting the official premiere date for Young Rock Season 3 is a little too short. But, if we have to anticipate, the season will probably premiere sometime in 2023 like the previous seasons.

Young Rock Season 3 Release Date

Young Rock Season 3 Cast

The season 3 expected cast is as follows:

  • Dwayne Johnson being Himself
  • Joseph Lee Anderson will perform as Rocky Johnson
  • Uli Latukefu being Johnson
  • Stacey Leilua will play the role of Ata Johnson
  • Ana Tuisila in the role of Lia Maivia
  • Bradley Constant, in the role of Johnson
  • Adrian Groulx will act as 10-year-old Johnson
  • Matthew Willig being André the Giant

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Young Rock Season 3 Plot

The series is fixed in a skeleton plot in which Johnson is a presidential candidate in the US in 2032. Johnson partakes in a discussion or other dealings in every episode, which forces him to flashback to a report from one of three times in his life, with few episodes where all three times are displayed.

Johnson is described as a 10-year-old in Hawaii, a high school scholar in Pennsylvania, and a university student and football participant at the University of Miami in season 1. In season 2, few of the duration indicated change settings, but the same performers illustrate them.

As of May 13, 2022, the show’s second season is even debuting. So far, just the first nine episodes have aired. The authorized synopsis of episode nine forms, “Hawaii, 1984: On the daytime of the Brawl-B-Q, Rocky’s connection with fellow Tony Atlas hits an infringement point; Dewey becomes the thing of numerous school crushes; the gouging case against Lia gets its judgment.”

As a consequence, the remaining episodes will observe up on this belief and research more in the final three episodes. We have detailed the official summary premiered by the network of the forthcoming episodes.

The authorized synopsis of episode ten says, “Nashville, 1987: Rocky takes a good new wrestling career but is met with a hard decision; Ata pays an evening out with Miss Elizabeth; teenage Dwayne begins to worry regarding his dad’s health; in 2032, Dwayne desires guidance from an old buddy.”

Young Rock Season 3 Plot

The official summary of episode eleven conditions, “Memphis, 1996: The WWF dispatches Dwayne to Memphis to expand his wrestling skills; when a booker drives Downtown Bruno, Dwayne chooses to battle back; in 2032, hopeful Johnson’s battle with Dr. Julien comes to a leader.”

The authorized summary of episode twelve states, “In 2032, nominee Johnson hangs the ups and downs of election day; in 1984, Rocky and Ata are at a corner with their fortunes in wrestling; in 1987, teenage Dwayne knows that the family is departing Nashville.”

This summary shows the spectators a lead at the plot but not the whole picture, which the series creators have solved from the pages to the screen. So, we can’t expect the main details or pitfalls that might occur in these episodes, how the season will finish, or what cliffhangers and story ropes will grow in these three episodes, which will be broadcast every Tuesday in the forthcoming weeks.

So, we recommend fans patiently stay and manage the episodes to attract conclusions that will guide them to Young Rock Season 3.

Young Rock Season 3 Trailer

Sadly, there is no trailer for Young Rock season 3. Check the season 2 trailer below:


Where To Watch Young Rock Season 3?

Season 3 will release on NBC, and seasons 1 and 2 are available to watch on NBC.