Double Cross Season 4 Release Date And Renewal Status On Allblk

ALLBLK premiered the third season of the Double Cross TV show on February 3, 2022. The storyline follows a man who has been falsely accused of committing a crime and is now on the run from the authorities.

When he finds a woman who assists him in escaping, he and his companion seek sanctuary in her flat. However, when she informs him that she has been falsely accused of murder, he learns she is not the person he believed she was.


The lady is a pawn in a complex scheme to bring down a global crime network. They must work cooperatively to determine who framed her and why they are pursuing her before it is too late. Here are the most recent updates about Double Cross Season 4.

Double Cross Season 4 Release Date

Double Cross Season 4 Release Date
Double Cross Season 4 Release Date

Everyone is anticipating the return of Double Cross. According to current projections, Double Cross Season 4 will be released in 2023.

Many mysteries remained unresolved after the show’s finale of Season 3, producing an air of excitement as Season 4 began.


As of right now, no official announcement has been made regarding the release date of Double Cross Season 4. We will update this post when we get any info!

Double Cross Season 4 Plot

Double Cross Season 4 Plot

The show’s protagonist, James, is a con artist who must team up with an FBI agent to apprehend a serial murderer. The series, set in New York City, premiered in 2020.

The double cross tv show is a crime drama TV series developed by James Frey and Michael Kelleher in the United States of America. Alfred Molina and John Ortiz feature in the show, depicting an ex FBI representative who is forced to leave after learning that a corrupt officer killed his wife.


Erica and Eric Cross are the “Wonder Twins” who chose to take charge of difficulties in their neighborhood following a rapid rise in sex. Tormented by their history, the brothers create an intriguing vision of vigilante justice.

These are three extraordinary examples of ALLBLK’s commitment to providing authentic, engaging, and habit-forming stories about the Black creative community.

Double Cross, which follows vigilante twins as they strive to end neighborhood wrongdoings, and the fourth season of the nightly drama A House Divided.

ALLBLK quickly establishes itself as the go-to destination for fans seeking unrestricted access to Black-centered shows and entertainment.

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Double Cross Season 4 Cast

The expected cast for season 4 is as follows:

  • Faith Malonte
  • Darrin Henson
  • Tremayne Norris
  • Jeff Logan
  • Jasmine Burke
  • Ashley A. Williams

Double Cross Season 4 Trailer

There is no trailer for Double Cross season 4 yet. We will surely update this post when we get a trailer.


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