Echo Marvel Is All Set To Release In 2023!

In the coming years, Native American actress Alaqua Cox is expected to reprise her role as Maya Lopez in a six-episode television series named Echo. The series takes place after Hawkeye, in which Cox made her debut appearance, and follows Maya on her path after leaving the Tracksuit Mafia.

As usual, Marvel maintains the contents of their projects well under wraps, but as the Echo premiere approaches, maybe more information will begin to emerge. Here is everything that is currently known about the forthcoming Disney Plus series Echo.


Echo Marvel Release Date

In the summer of 2023, Echo will be officially available on Disney Plus. At San Diego Comic-Con 2022, the publication date of Echo was revealed, making it apparent that the show is part of Marvel’s Phase Five.

Disney Plus and Marvel did not formally announce the show until November 2021, although its development was originally rumored about earlier in the year.


Echo Marvel Cast

The cast of Echo Marvel will be as follows:

  • Alaqua Cox being Echo
  • Vincent D’Onofrio in the role of Kingpin
  • Devery Jacobs, in the role of Julie
  • Charlie Cox will act as Daredevil.
  • Cody Lightning being TBC
  • Zahn McClarnon will perform as William Lopez
  • Graham Greene will act as TBC
  • Chaske Spencer being TBC
  • Tantoo Cardinal will perform as TBC

Echo Marvel Plot

According to a fresh plot summary, the series will detail “The series will examine “the genesis of Echo” and “Maya Lopez, whose merciless behavior in New York City finally caught up with her in her hometown.” 

If she expects to go on, she must confront her history, reconnect with her Native American heritage, and accept the importance of community and family.”


Given McClarnon’s reappearance as Maya’s dad, who was killed before the actions of Hawkeye, we expect that the Echo series will have several flashbacks to Maya’s life before her desire for vengeance against Ronin.

Even though Maya seeks to build a new path, the series is expected to continue focusing on her relationship with the President and her illicit ties.

Maya turned her back on the Tracksuit Mafia in the final episode of Hawkeye and lost her best buddy Kazi.

In her final moment, Maya aimed her revolver at the man responsible for the deaths of the two most significant persons in her life while Fisk attempted to reason with her.

The camera zoomed higher as we heard a gunshot and a corpse falling to the ground. Maya murdered the Kingpin? Given that D’Onofrio will represent Fisk in the series, it appears not. We will update this page as soon as formal information becomes available.

Echo Marvel Trailer

There is currently no trailer for Echo, but we will update this page as soon as one is released.

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