Vikrant Rona: Release Date, Where To Watch, Summary, Trailer And Many More

A number of interesting films that target a pan-Indian audience are being made in Kannada cinema now like never before, and there is a glorious era of Kannada cinema like never before.

In the recent release of Vikrant Rona, a big-budget Kannada film filmed all over the country, superstar Kiccha Sudeep had a shot at seeing if he could make his mark.


A record number of screens showed the film today, making it the highest-grossing film of all time. ‘The Hunt for the Wilderpeople’ is an adventure movie that has a touch of horror in its backdrop.

Vikrant Rona Release Date

Vikrant Rona

On July 28, 2022, the movie Vikrant Rona, starring Kichcha Sudeep and Jacqueline Fernandez, will be released on the big screen for the very first time.


It has been reported that earlier, the release date of the movie was postponed several times because it was helmed by Anup Bhandari.

A film that will be directed by Shalini Jack Manju and produced by Alankar Pandian will tell the tale of some mysterious supernatural effects that occurred in a small village.

Vikrant Rona Cast

There are amazing stars in the film, as well as a film that has everything you need to watch it. Fans have been raving about the movie since the big screen debut on July 28, and it has been well received by the audience.


The following list contains a few of the actors who have appeared in the movie and have been credited:

  • Sudeep as Vikrant Rona
  • Nirup Bhandari as Sanjeev “Sanju” Gambhira
  • Jacqueline Fernandez as Racquel D’Coasta / Gadang Rakkamma
  • Neetha Ashok as Aparna “Panna” Ballal
  • Madhusudan Rao as Janardhan Gambhira

Vikrant Rona Plot

Vikrant Rona

There is a village in the state of Rajasthan called Komarattu, where Vikrant Rona lives. As a matter of fact, all the villagers believe that there is a devil in a house and anyone who steps through its doors will be killed by this devil.

The rumor is strengthened by the fact that there have been a number of murders in the village as well. There are several missing kids who are found hanging from trees as a result of their disappearance.

In the aftermath of the investigation officer’s death, Vikrant Rona (Sudeep) takes charge of the investigation. His investigations of the case are carried out in the style of his own, and the rest of the film is dedicated to highlighting the facts surrounding the case and emphasizing the link between the evil and Komarattu’s series of deaths.

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Vikrant Rona Trailer

The trailer for Vikrant Rona has been released according to the recent reports published on the internet. In these trailers, you are going to find a lot of thrills and action, as well as a short summary of what the story is about.

The film looks like it can be a huge hit based on the trailer, which makes it look like it will be a big hit. On the other hand, the film was already rereleased on July 28, so you are still able to see it.

We have therefore provided a link that can be watched by those who do not have the opportunity to watch the trailer of Vikrant Rona yet.

Where To Watch Vikrant Rona?

It has been reported by our sources that the movie will be available on Netflix and Disney Hotstar exclusively as soon as the movie is released on July 28, 2022.

Final Word

During the course of Vikrant Rona, the audience is introduced to several layers of a thriller. A unique set was created especially for Vikrant Rona, and most of the shoot was done on the set. 

It took place 25 years ago in the story. It wasn’t until Sudeep made a stylish entry after 20 minutes that the audience was captivated by his action episode.

It’s a film centered around several characters, and the audience is left to wonder who the real criminal is and whether or not they are the ones behind the crime.