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Jschlatt is an American YouTuber, gamer, podcaster, and comedic video maker with a net worth of $200,000. His YouTube account, Jschlatt, is worth $103k, with 19.1 million views and 462k subscribers.


Last year, one of Gamersupps’s ambassadors accused the company of not functioning according to the contract and not receiving payment. In a lengthy Twitter exchange, Twitch star Ice Rocker revealed their identities.

Netizens were enraged after reading about what she had to endure due to the company’s incompetence and pure unprofessionalism. Consequently, everyone was certain that a lawsuit was imminent.

However, this never occurred, and the rampage stayed confined to social media platforms. It was extremely wrong what the girl had previously endured, and there were other people with similar tales of being scammed by the firm.


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Gamersupps Owner Jschlatt

Jschlatt, a popular Twitch Streamer and YouTuber launched his YouTube account on July 7, 2013. His debut video, “Good kid, eats food,” has over 1.1 million views. “Elon, r u Alright” is one of his most successful videos, with 26 million views. Jschlatt began streaming on Twitch after attaining YouTube notoriety.

His Twitch account was once used to stream Minecraft games. When he originally joined the site, Jschlatt opted not to expose his face, and he also streamed using a hilarious voice effect.


In addition to his principal channel, the YouTuber has several other successful channels. After attaining immense popularity and praise on YouTube and other platforms.

Jschlatt’s net worth in 2022 is $103 thousand. He receives a substantial amount of money through his streams and item sales. His YouTube revenues have also contributed to an increase in his net worth.

Gamersupps Owner Jschlatt

About Jschlatt

Jschlatt is a YouTuber, video game streamer, and podcaster from the United States. Because of his games and Minecraft broadcasts, he is well-known.

Similarly, he used a humorous microphone, a Logitech C920 microphone, which makes his voice amusing and distinguishes him from other streams.

Jschlatt was born in New York and is one of the region’s most prominent streamers.

He distinguishes himself from other streamers by his penchant for anonymity. Not too long ago, he decided to disclose himself. Before then, the streamer had always been behind the camera.

In addition, the thrill of anonymity led him to employ humorous voices in his films. About his family, personal life, and childhood, nothing is known.

In college, he studies computer science and cybersecurity. Jschlatt is reportedly said to owe $90 thousand in college loans. Additionally, he asserted that he attended Harvard for four years.

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Jschlatt Career

Jschlatt started his YouTube career in June of 2014 when he uploaded his first video titled “good boy eats food.” After his video ‘Elon r u ok?’ went viral, he gained notoriety.

In addition to his YouTube career, he co-hosted the podcast Sleep-Deprived alongside notable podcasters Apandah, Aztrosist, and Mikasacus.

Likewise, Jschlatt is a well-known SMP Live Server broadcaster. He joined the server on March 1, 2019, and has produced well-known films such as “A Tribute to Minecraft.”

Jschlatt Career

Although he often plays other games, his Minecraft gaming is extremely popular. He enjoys listening to SugarPine7 and Cow Chop. Also, he has displayed his hate for Barack Obama on his Instagram account by uploading memes.

He is also famous for resembling Logan Mitchell from the Nickelodeon television series Big Time Rush. The prominent streamer has reportedly been diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease.