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Is Gangsta Season 2 Canceled? Check Release Date and More



Gangsta Season 2 Release Date

Do you like watching anime? Have you ever heard of the anime series named Gangsta? Gangsta is one of the top-rated action anime series that was released in 2015. The show consists of 12 episodes, and all the episodes were more or less well received by the viewers and audience. 

After the end of this series, requests for the second season of Gangsta were quite high. However, it’s been seven years since the first season’s release, and the audience is still looking for an update on the second season of Gangsta. 

Kindly read this post thoroughly to know everything related to Gangsta Season 2.

When Will Gangsta Season 2 Be Released?

Gangsta Season 2 Release Date

Gangsta Season 1 received a crazy response from the reviewers and was one of the top-rated action anime of that time. The first episode of Gangsta Season 1 was released on 1 July 2015, and the final, the 12th episode of Gangsta season 1, was launched on 27 September 2015. 

The show received a decent response from the audience, and the demand for releasing the second season of Gangsta was high. However, it has been around seven years, and we are still short of updates regarding sta Season 2.

Many experts claim that Gangsta is the product of Manglobe animation studios, and Manglobe is reportedly in debt, so the release of the second season of Gangsta looks difficult now. 

According to many reports on the internet, Manglobe animation studios is in debt of 350 million, which is one of the main reasons for the delay of the second season of Gangsta.

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What Will Be The Cast of Gangsta Season 2?

Gangsta Season 2 Cast

As we do not have any updates regarding the arrival of the second season of Gangsta, predicting the cast can be tricky and difficult. Also, it’s been seven years since the release of Gangsta season 1, so we can expect a few major changes in the upcoming season of Gangsta. 

The top characters of Gangsta season 1 are:

  • Felicia Angelind being Alex Benedetto
  • Brandon Potter will act as Nicholas Brown
  • Ian Sinclair as Wernic Archgello

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What Can We See In Gangsta Season 2?

Gangsta Season 2 Plot

Gangsta Season 2 will likely be the extension from season 1 with a few twists and turns. In season 1 of Gangsta, we have seen how Worick Arcangelo and Nicholas Brown are ready for any difficult challenge. 

Alex, getting targeted for death, later joins the duo, and the trio is called Handymen’s rank. As the trio comes together, the story moves forward, depicting the trio’s survival.

Trailer of Gangsta Season 2

The updates regarding the release date of season 2 of Gangsta are still awaited. However, if we recall the trailer of the first season of Gangsta, it was perfect for keeping you on the edge of your seat. The trailer was successful in maintaining excitement among the watchers. The trailer was one of the reasons for the success of this show.

Where Can We Watch Gangsta Season 2?

Gangsta season one is streaming live on Hulu, Disney+, and ESPN+. Like the previous season, it is expected that Manglobe animation studios will release its much-awaited second season of Gangsta on the same platforms. So keep your subscriptions to Hulu ready for the future ventures of Manglobe animation studios.

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Public Reactions and IMDb Ratings

Public Reactions and IMDb Ratings

Gangsta season 1 was not normal and kind, but the show consisted of many jaw-dropping action scenes. These interesting twists always kept the audience at the edge of the bench. Audience love can be measured by looking at the IMDb ratings of Gangsta Season 1. On IMDb, 12 episodes of the Gangsta season 1 received an average rating of 7.2 stars.

Final Words

The blog is to update the anime fans waiting for the second season of Gangsta. The post is initiated with the release date of Gangsta Season 2. Then we discussed the plot and possible cast of season 2 of Gangsta. The trailer, streaming platforms and Imdb rating of Gangsta were discussed.

This article was helpful for you in solving your queries regarding Gangsta Season 2. Ask your questions and mention your suggestions below.

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Is Gangsta Season 2 cancelled?

Season 2 of Gangsta is cancelled, but it is said that due to multiple reasons, Manglobe animation studios have held the release of the second season of Gangsta.

Where can I watch Gangsta Season 1?

You can watch Gangsta Season 1 on the following three platforms:

  • Disney+ 
  • ESPN+
  • Hulu.

When will Gangsta Season 2 be released?

Unfortunately, updates regarding the release date of Gangsta 2 are still awaited. And it is said that the show might take some more time to release, citing the debt of Manglobe animation studios as one of the reasons for the delay.

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