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Is Love ft. Marriage and Divorce Season 4 Renewed By Netflix? Check Here!



Love ft. Marriage and Divorce Season 4

Love ft. Marriage and Divorce on Netflix is a classic story of revenge and betrayal set against feminist themes. It follows three married women in their 30s, 40s, and 50s working on a radio show and attempting to negotiate their challenging marriages.

They then devote their life to mending their marriages or finding the fortitude to break out from such poison. The drama show was produced by Phoebe Lim, Yu Jun, and Lee Seung-hoon and broadcast on TV Chosun and Netflix on January 23, 2021.

The show sparked outrage in its native South Korea, where it earned fantastic reviews, and the streaming company decided it was best to add it to their never-ending list of influential television series. If you’re interested in learning more about the fourth season, here’s everything we know thus far!

Love ft. Marriage and Divorce Season 4 Release Date

TV Chosun broadcasted the third season from February 16 to May 1, 2022. The final episode of this season averaged 10.39 percent nationwide viewing, a season-high. As of now, there is no info about season 4 of Love ft. Marriage and Divorce. If the series gets renewed for next season, we can expect it to premiere in 2023.

Love ft. Marriage and Divorce Season 4 Release date

Love ft. Marriage and Divorce Season 4 Release date

Love ft. Marriage and Divorce Season 4 Cast

The expected cast of Love ft. Marriage and Divorce season 4 is as follows:

  • Sung Hoon
  • Gee Young-san in the role of Shin Yu-shin
  • Kang Shin-Hyo
  • Park Joo-mi will act as Sa Pi-young
  • Lee Tae-gon
  • Lee Ga-Leong being Boo Hye-ryung
  • Song Ji-in being A Mi
  • Jeon Soo-kyeong being Lee Si-eun
  • Lee Min-young will perform as Song Won
  • Moon Sung-ho being Seo Ban
  • Jeon No-min will play the role of Park Hae-Ryun
  • Bu Bae will act as Seo Dong-ma
  • Lim Hye-young will play the role of Nam Ga-bin

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Love ft. Marriage and Divorce Season 4 Plot

Season 3’s conclusion is incredibly perplexing, and it’s perhaps the most bizarre finale in television history.

The grim reapers pursue Dong-ma everywhere, implying that he is the intended victim. While examining his garments, a section of the ceiling collapses and strikes him in the head.

He collapses on the floor, blood pouring from his skull. The series then depicts Seo Ban marrying Song Won. The camera then pans to Sa-Hyeon kissing another lady in the bathtub.

Love ft. Marriage and Divorce Season 4 Plot

Love ft. Marriage and Divorce Season 4 Plot

Meanwhile, when Hye-ryung comes home from the hospital, she encounters the ghost of a small kid and inquires about its identity. She is the only one who can see the child.

The child informs the family that “they will kidnap the elderly guy.” Dong-ma awakens in the ambulance and addresses the grim reapers.

The conclusion will elicit a range of feelings – rage, bewilderment, and disbelief that the tale has progressed this far. Season 4 will continue from the season 3 ending, but there is no info yet.

Love ft. Marriage and Divorce Season 4 Trailer

No updates on the season 4 trailer of the show yet. Check the below video for now:

Where To Watch Love ft. Marriage and Divorce?

Go and stream Love ft. Marriage and Divorce’s previous three seasons on Netflix.

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Helen O'Donoghue

    September 1, 2022 at 2:59 am

    Love marriage & divorce before it previews season 4 get rid of the whining singer who is always depressed and a real pain to listen to that voice. As to the ghost what Mother would want to traumatize her kid that’s way out of whack. The story so far had been great except for the depressed singer there are many avenues you can take just dont include those 2

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