Mare Of Easttown Season 2: Will There Be A Season 2 Of Mare Of Easttown In 2022

There are shows we watch to pass the time, and then there are series that fascinates us constantly, and ‘Mare of Easttown’ is just another one. This is a show that any crime and thriller fan should see, whether for the characters’ reality or Kate Winslet’s outstanding performance. 

‘Mare of Easttown’ has provided countless unforgettable moments within just seven episodes, whether Kate Winslet’s Delco accent or Evan Peters’ funny inebriated admissions.


Then there’s the show’s famous climax, which we’ve been anticipating since the show’s beginning. While the storyline looks to be complete in and of itself, viewers will crave further glimpses of Mare and her small, tight-knit society. However, is it possible?

Following the conclusion of Season 1, fans eagerly awaited the arrival of ‘Mare of Easttown’ in Season 2.

‘Mare Of Easttown,’ an American thriller drama series starring Kate Winslet as Mare Sheehan, a small-town detective investigating a local case in an already haunted village while her own life falls apart.


While Mare is a community hero, she is also coping with a divorce, her son’s suicide, and a drug-addicted daughter-in-law battling for custody of Mare’s grandson.

Mare of Easttown looks into a small town’s dark underbelly and carefully examines how families and past disasters may affect our present. The critically acclaimed series was praised for its narrative, characters, performances, and portrayal of women. Here are all the season 2 updates.

Mare Of Easttown Season 2 Release Date

HBO has not yet announced if Mare of Easttown will return for a second season, making it difficult to predict when the show will return.


The first season started production in autumn 2019 but was halted in April 2020 when the COVID-19 epidemic spread across the United States. Filming resumed in early September and concluded in a month.

If we assume that the series took months to produce and factor in time for series scripting, the earliest we might see Mare of Easttown season two would be in 2022, assuming no pandemic-related complications.

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Mare Of Easttown Season 2 Plot

Mare of Easttown concluded its Season 1 arc without leaving any narrative strands open for a possible Season 2. Erin McMenamin’s murder has been solved, and we finally know who killed her.

Mare finished the presentation by preparing to address her pain of losing her son to suicide, which she had been avoiding totally. Season 2 may showcase a mare on a personal journey, embracing her history but refusing to let it define her.

Mare Of Easttown Season 2
Mare Of Easttown Season 2

Meanwhile, Winslet revealed in an interview the likely narrative of Season 2, which would focus on police brutality instances in the United States, provided the series is renewed. “I’m not sure I’ll be reprising my role as Mare,” she said.

However, if we do a second season, these horrors in the police forces here and in America would undoubtedly make their way into the stories we depict. “You cannot pretend that these events did not occur,” she stated.

Mare Of Easttown Season 2 Cast

While no official statement has been made regarding the future Mare of Easttown season, we can expect the return of almost every character if season 2 is truly scheduled to air.

Additionally, we may see some similar faces in season 2. With most of them returning, we may see some new recurring and supporting roles in the forthcoming season.

The show stars several well-known and accomplished actors, involving:

  • Carrie Layden in the role of Sosie Bacon.
  • Kate Winslet will act as Sergeant Mare Sheehan.
  • Angourie Rice being Siobhan Sheehan.
  • Lori Ross being Julianne Nicholson.
  • Jean Smart will portray as Helen Fahey.
  • Evan Peters will act as Colin Zabel.

Mare Of Easttown Season 2 Trailer

Filming has not even begun for season 2 yet, so how we can expect a trailer. It appears as though it will take some time. Stay tuned with us. We will update this post when we get a trailer.

Where To Watch Mare Of Easttown
Where To Watch Mare Of Easttown

Where To Watch Mare Of Easttown?

Mare of Easttown is available to watch on HBO Max and rent or buy on other channels such as Hulu, Vudu, and Prime Video. So, go and watch today!

Wrap It Up

That’s all about Mare Of Easttown season 2 that you should know. I hope you find this post helpful. Please stay connected with us for more updates!

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