The Ranch Season 9 Release Date: Is The Ranch Renewed For Season 9?

‘The Ranch,’ an American drama series starring Ashton Kutcher, also features Danny Masterson and  Elisha Cuthbert.

This Netflix original series aired in 2016 and follows the Bennetts, a dysfunctional family that resides on the fictitious Iron River Ranch. The plot focuses on the two brothers, their father, and their estranged wife.


Colt Bennett is a retired semi-pro football player who returns to his hometown of Colorado and decides to stay on the family ranch.

He attempts to mend fences with his tribe, particularly his older brother Rooster, his mother Maggie, and his strict father, Beau. He also rekindles his passion for his high school love, Abby, and eventually marries her upon returning to his hometown.

Following its premiere, ‘The Ranch’ received great reviews from reviewers and fans alike. After eight outstanding seasons, viewers are eager to learn more about the show’s future. All we currently know about ‘The Ranch’ Season 9 Netflix.

The Ranch Season 9 Release Date
The Ranch Season 9 Release Date

The Ranch Season 9 Release Date: Will The Ranch Have A Season 9?

Netflix confirmed the show’s finale in 2020 with its Part 8. Ashton Kutcher, the show’s principal actor and executive producer, announced on Twitter in 2019 that the series will conclude with its 2020 episodes.

Sadly, The Ranch has not been renewed officially, and neither Netflix nor Ashton Kutcher has announced any intentions for a possible Part 9.


The Ranch Season 9 Cast

If the series ever gets renewed for season 9, then the expected cast is as follows:

  • Danny Masterson being Jameson “Rooster”
  • Barry Corbin will play the role of Dale Rivers
  • Ashton Kutcher will act as Colt Reagan Bennett
  • Sam Elliott being Beau Roosevelt Bennett
  • Elisha Cuthbert will perform as Abby Phillips-Bennet.
  • Bret Harrison being Kenny Ballard
  • Debra Winger in the role of Maggie Bennett

The Ranch Season 9 Trailer

The Ranch season 9 official trailer has yet to be released. If we receive an update on the trailer for The Ranch’s ninth installment, we will post it here. For now, let’s look at the trailer for the eighth installment of The Ranch.

The Ranch Season 9 Plot

The drama is centered on Colorado’s Iron River Ranch citizens, most notably the Bennett family. Colt is the farm’s youngest kid, who comes from college after failing to complete his professional soccer obligations.

Colt is shown as a strong drinker, nice but dim-witted. In contrast, his elder brother Rooster is slightly more intelligent and just as big an alcoholic as Colt and far better at agricultural labor than his younger brother.

Ashton Kutcher admitted during a Q&A that, while he came to view the program’s ensemble as extended family, the prospect of the show continuing longer than it should disturb him.

“I’ve been on shows that ran longer than they should have,” he explains. Almost certainly referring to his part on CBS’s two and a half men”.

The Ranch Season 9 Plot
The Ranch Season 9 Plot

“We came to the point where we could inform everyone that this was the final season, that we were going to wind it up, so everyone had time to find other positions,” he continued.

There is no recent info or news regarding the ninth season of The Ranch. We’ll keep you updated when new information about The Ranch’s ninth season becomes available.

The ninth installment of The Ranch has not yet been revealed. The Ranch’s plot will proceed in the ninth installment if it gets renewed.

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