The Sea Beast 2 Release Date, Cast, Plot, Trailer & More

The Sea Beast, produced by Chris Williams, is an action film that chronicles a legendary monster hunter and his hunt for a dangerous sea creature. After encountering a young orphan who likes the sea creature, he is compelled to reassess his goal.

The animated picture is filled with lively and uplifting scenes and components. Given the film’s epic quest and intriguing narrative, we are certain that audiences will be eager to explore the film’s setting. Here’s all we know about the prospect of a sequel to ‘The Sea Beast.’


The Sea Beast 2 Release Date

“The Sea Beast” was aired on Netflix on July 8, 2022. Before its digital distribution, the film was shown in select theaters beginning on June 24, 2022. Critics lauded the film’s visual aesthetic and inventive storytelling in their favorable reviews.

Regarding a potential sequel, though, the filmmakers have remained tight-lipped. The first film concludes on a touching note and concludes Jacob and Maisie’s character arcs.

The Sea Beast 2 release date


Nevertheless, it paves the way for other tales in the domain of sea monster hunting. Consequently, the film might easily become a franchise. The likelihood of a sequel depends on the audience’s response to the film.

If the film surpasses Netflix’s goals for viewership, a second installment may be revealed in the coming months. Consequently, production on the sequel might begin as early as 2023.

Production of animated films normally takes about two years. Consequently, ‘The Sea Beast 2’ may not hit theaters until Summer 2025.


The Sea Beast 2 Cast

The anticipated cast of The Sea Beast 2 is as follows:

  • Karl Urban being Jacob Holland
  • Marianne Jean-Baptiste in the role of Sarah Sharpe
  • Brian T. Delaney in the role of Jim Nicklebones
  • Zaris-Angel Hator will act as Maisie Brumble
  • Doon Mackichan in the role of the Queen
  • Jared Harris being Captain James Crow
  • Dan Stevens being Admiral Eric Hornagold
  • Jim Carter will perform as the King
  • Shannon Chan-Kent in the role of Fen
  • Xana Tang will act as Lea,
  • Kathy Burke will perform as Gwen Batterbie
  • Ian Mercer being Old Nick

The Sea Beast 2 Plot

Jacob Holland, a renowned monster hunter, is portrayed in “The Sea Beast.” He serves alongside Captain Crow on The Unavoidable, a ship hired by the Crown to pursue the elusive Red Buster, the most dangerous marine species.

However, Jacob encounters Maisie Brumble, a stowaway who forms a friendship with the Red Buster. Eventually, Maisie and Jacob understand that the Red Buster is an innocent creature that The Crown is pursuing under pretenses. The couple ended sea monster hunts and made peace between people and monsters.

During the period represented in The Aquatic Beast, terrifying sea animals wander the ocean. These atrocities are hunted by other monstrous creatures, which are then hailed as heroes after slaying them.

Jacob Holland, a monstrous hunter, embarks on his adventure onboard The Inevitable hunting ship employed by the grizzly Captain Crow. Captain Crow is an experienced monster hunter who once went blind to a Red Bluster. Holland’s objective is to locate and eliminate the Red Bluster.

The Sea Beast 2 release date

Jacob and Maisie, a child stowaway, are captured by the Red Bluster when they fall from a ship while seeking a legendary beast.

Nevertheless, the two quickly realized that not all they had been taught about the dreadful and dangerous sea monsters was accurate.

In the last scene of The Sea Beast, Jacob and Maisie persuade their fellow humans that the sea monsters were acting in self-defense when they assaulted them. Captain Crow, portrayed as Red Bluster by Maisie, rescues the Red Bluster from execution. The Red Bluster is referred to as Red by Maisie.

Jacob and Maisie could embark on a new adventure during the time of peace in a potential sequel to The Sea Beast. The fragile peace between people and monsters could be threatened by the advent of a new menace in the ocean.

As a result, the hunters may be compelled to take to the water and fight the creatures there. Jacob and Maisie would be responsible for defeating the menace and restoring peace.

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The Sea Beast 2 Trailer

No trailer for The Sea Beast 2 has been released yet. You can check part 1 trailer for now:

Where To Watch The Sea Beast 2?

You can stream the Sea Beast on Netflix, and the next movie will also release on the same streaming platform.

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