The Voice Season 23 Release Date, Cast, Plot, Trailer & More

Do you like watching reality TV shows? If yes, you might have gone through a singing reality show named Voice. Voice is a singing reality show that has been running successfully for 22 seasons. 

Fantastic singing talents and twisting storylines from the creative team have been the show’s highlights. It is one of the most awaited shows in the American daily show industry.


Recently season 22 of the Voice saw a dip in its top ratings, which made people think about the cancellation of season 23 of Voice. Keep watching this blog if you want to. Is Voice Season 23 canceled? Or when season 23 of Voice is released?

When Voice Season 23 Will Be Released?

Voice Season 23 Release Date

Voice is one of the longest-running TV reality shows and is one of the most successful shows as far as reality shows are concerned. Recently the 22nd season of Voice was released and is receiving decent ratings and viewership from the audience. 


The 22nd season has witnessed a drop of around 13% compared to the 21st season of Voice. Based on this, people started making assumptions regarding the show’s cancellation.

As of now, there is no recent news regarding the cancellation or renewal of the show. By looking at the legacy and the weight that Voice as a show carries, it is almost impossible that Voice Season 23 will not return. 

However, the poor rating of the 22nd cannot be neglected. Keep watching this blog as we will reveal much more regarding the 23rd season of Voice.


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Who Will Be The Judges of The Voice Season 23?

Voice Season 23 Judges

Right now, in season 22, the show has been hosted by Carson Daly, and he might continue for another edition of the Voice. Recently as a coaching season 22, we witnessed a comeback of Gwen Stefani, John Legend, and Blake Shelton. Debutant coach Camila Cabello joined them. 

It is expected that the 23rd season of the show might see the same coach and judge. If we have any updates regarding the inclusion of a new coach, we will list them in this article.

What Can We Expect From Voice Season 23?

Voice Season 23 Plot

Like all the previous seasons of Voice 23 edition, the show will see a similar pattern in its plot. Like before, the 23rd season of Voice might see strong competition between the supremely talented singers. And at the end, we would see a winner.

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When Will The Trailer Of Voice Season 23 Release?

Any updates regarding the release date of the trailer of Voice are still awaited. However, we can expect the trailer for the 23rd edition of the show before the release of the show. Like the trailer of Season 22, Season 23 of Voice will hint at the judges and some of the show’s contestants.

Where Can We Watch Voice Season 23?

Similarly to all the seasons of Voice, the 23rd season of the show will be available online and offline. You can stream the show on NBC, FuboTV and Sling to watch it online. To watch it on TV, you can subscribe to Directv. For now, you can stream the 22nd season of the show on FuboTV and Sling.

Public Reviews On Voice 

Voice Season 23 Reviews

Many audiences have named Voice one of the best reality shows. The audience’s love has made Voice such a successful venture. The support from the audience and hard work from the creative team has made Voice such a successful venture that has run successfully for 22 seasons. So, in short, people are very eager to watch the show and can’t wait for the 23rd season of the Voice.

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Final Words

We pen down this blog to explain to our readers the release date and everything buzzing around Voice Season 23. We first explain the scenario of the release of the 23rd season of Voice. Then, as we moved forward, we commented on the judges, possible concepts and the streaming platform of the 23rd edition of Voice. Then, finally, in the end, we discussed the reviews of the public.


When will Voice Season 23 be released?

It is expected that season 23 of Voice will be released in 2023. 

Can we have changes in the coaches in Voice Season 23?

It is unlikely to have any further changes in coaches in Season 23 of the Voice. If we have any updates on changes in coaches in the future, we will mention them in this article.

Where can I watch Voice Season 23?

Like season 22 and other seasons of Voice, Voice Season 23 can be streamed on NBC, FuboTV, and Sling. And you can subscribe to Directv to get it on your television.

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