Things You Need To Know About Shantaram Season 2 Release Date, Cast & Trailer

‘Shantaram’ is a new drama series originally produced by Apple TV+, and the story of the series is depicted from one of the best-selling novels by Gregory David Roberts, which is heavily influenced by the author’s experiences.

After a successful season one, Shantaram is one of the recent series to gain popularity, and fans eagerly anticipate a successful season two after the first season’s success.


As a result of its excellent plot and screenplay, the show has a lot of viewers and has achieved immense popularity in a very short period of time.

Incomprehensible accents from Australians and Indians can be heard throughout the whole series. Therefore we have discussed all the details about the series, including the Shantaram season 2 release date.

Shantaram Season 2 Release Date

Shantaram Season 2 Release Date


It has yet to be announced when Shantaram’s Season 2 will be released. Moreover, we all know how crazy fans are getting when it comes to finding out when the release date for the series will be.

In light of the fact that the show’s first season was released in October 2022, it is safe to assume that the second season should be out sometime in 2023 as well.

Fans will have to wait a little longer to find out the exact release date. In addition to this, it is also impossible to ignore the fact that Shantaram is becoming more and more popular day by day. We hope that season 2 will arrive as soon as possible.


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Shantaram Season 2 Cast

Shantaram Season 2 Plot

However, we have mentioned the full list of the cast, including those who are expected to appear in the series next season. According to the reports, all of the cast of season 1 will re-appear in season 2.

  • Charlie Hunnam as Lin Ford
  • Fayssal Bazzi as Abdullah
  • Sujaya Dasgupta as Kavita
  • Antonia Desplat as Karla
  • Elham Ehsas as Modena
  • Elektra Kilbey as Lisa
  • David Field as Wally Nightingale
  • Rachel Kamath as Parvati

Shantaram Season 2 Plot

Shantaram Season 2 Plot

This series is officially described as one of the stories of bestselling novels by Gregory David Roberts, which is the basis for the series.

A fugitive named Lin Ford (Charlie Hunnam) is trying to find his way out of a chaotic and vibrant Mumbai in the 1980s in the series Shantaram.

Having never been to a city like this before, Lin is struggling in this unfamiliar place to avoid the trouble he’s running from.

Lin must decide whether he wants to be free or if he wants to be in love with Karla, a mysterious and intriguing woman, and seek the complications that come with both.”

Well, if we talk about the plot of season 2, the makers have not revealed anything in particular. Season 2 will continue from where season 1 has been let off. So all we can now do is wait for the series’ release date to get the reveal as soon as possible.

Shantaram Season 2 Trailer

In addition to what we mentioned earlier, the producers have not revealed anything about the release date of season two of the series.

Therefore, it is too early to expect a trailer for season 2 of the show. As a result, all we can do now is wait for the makers to release the information as soon as possible.

In the meantime, you can watch the trailer for season 1, which we have mentioned below, until the series premieres. So click on the link below, and you can watch it.

Where To Watch Shantaram Season 2?

The first season of Shantaram is now available to stream on Apple TV Plus, available to view on the Apple TV app. The second season will be available on the same streaming platform as the first when it is released. 

Final Word

Shantaram has received many positive reviews and rotten tomatoes, and IMDb has given it high ratings. Therefore, if you’re interested in viewing it, you shouldn’t hesitate to begin watching it.

Despite this, the series is getting increasingly popular every day, so season 2 has a good chance of being extremely popular.

However, in this article, we have discussed every detail of the series, as we promised earlier. And this article will help you understand each and every detail of the series more precisely.

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