Wayne Season 2 Release Date, Cast, Storyline and more

YouTube’s strategy to show the original shows similar to Amazon prime and Netflix did not work for a long time. Still, the other streaming services managed to pick up some top hits shown on YouTube originals. 

Wayne, an American series (action-comedy), is also among them, getting initially released on the paid platform of YouTube and then streamed on Amazon Prime as its popularity rose. 


The speculations about the release of Wayne Season 2 are in the air as well. The audience liked the bloody adventure of the leading characters in Wayne so much that they were excited about the second season’s release.

Wayne (2019) has an IMDb rating of 8.4/10.

Will There be a Season 2 of Wayne

While Amazon Prime took the rights to stream Wayne back in 2020, it gave hope to the viewers to get season 2 of Wayne


Amazon had not released the official statement for the renewal of the series, but there are random guesses that season 2 would be airing soon.

The director of the series, Shawn Simmons, said in one of his interviews that the audience doesn’t have to lose their hopes. He has some big and different plans for Wayne. Simmons holds great ambitions when it comes to Wayne.

The team wanted to go for the renewal. That is why Shawn Simmons and the lead actors, Mark McKenna and Ciara Bravo, requested the people through social media to get an audience for the series. It will guarantee the release of Season 2 Wayne.


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When is Wayne Season 2 Coming out

There is no official announcement regarding the airing date of Wayne’s TV show Season 2. All the dates and schedules depend on Amazon’s and the respective producers’ decisions.  

The showrunner of Wayne, Shawn Simmons, has told multiple sources that he has finished writing and planning the premiere of Wayne season two. However, it simply means that the casting team is waiting for Amazon’s decision to renew the season.

The Wayne Season 2 release date has not been finalized yet officially.

When is Wayne Season 2 Coming out

Wayne Season 2 Storyline

The lead actor in Wayne Mark McKenna has shared his views on the script to various sources that the script is wow. He further added that he got the best of Wayne saga when he read the first episode, and it would be more interesting while giving the script a life.

The first season focussed on the blood-laden adventure of a teenage guy named Wayne and his partner Del to take revenge for his father. The viewers may expect some more blood-filled encounters on the way with the second season.  

The speculations are made about frequently seeing Del’s father in the second season. It may include a jailbreak too. Also, according to McKenny, Wayne season 2 would be focussing around Wayne mending his ways of life so that he can earn Del back.

About the Cast of Wayne Season 2

No authentic information is yet available about the celebrities starring in the second season of Wayne. However, mark McKenna has a high chance of returning as Wayne season 2 would not be filmed without him. The same goes for Ciara Bravo as well.

Other leading actors also have a high probability of returning to the set of Wayne season 2. These actors are Dean Winters, Joshua J. Williams, Jamie Champagne, Jon Champagne and Mike O’ Malley. 

Season two may have plenty of new faces, too, as the director has claimed that the story would be taking a huge twisting turn.

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Wayne Season 2 Cancelled

Many random guesses signaled towards Wayne’s second season getting canceled for streaming on Amazon Prime. However, the audience who loved the first season got disheartened as the news reached them.

Further investigation about the cancellation of Wayne revealed that Amazon had not confirmed the renewal of the second season of Wayne. The good news is that the show has not been labeled as canceled. 

IMDb’s official website also shows that Wayne ran in 2019 along with the synopsis and other information. Wayne has not been taken off from IMDb or any other site that reviews web series and TV shows.

In short, there is still hope that season two will reach the audience soon.

The Conclusion

Wayne’s premiere was a huge success for Amazon Prime; all thanks g to the YouTube premium service through which Wayne reached the audience and gathered a huge fan base across the globe. 

The violent encounters of Wayne and Del are famous among the viewers, and they expect the same energy in season two as well. However, audiences miss the chemistry between Wayne and Del, hoping to see the same ahead in season 2. 

No authentic information about the release date or the cast has been revealed. However, viewers are excited for the official statement of renewal of the season and associated facts to get some glimpses of the second season.

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