World’s Funniest Animals Season 3 Release Date, Where To Watch, Trailer, And Many More

A reality television show known as World’s Funniest Animals shows viral internet clips of animals going through some of the funniest scenes you can imagine.

ATV International is the independent production company that developed the show, and Elizabeth Stanton is the host. On September 18, 2020, The CW aired the premiere episode of the show.


Celebrities, their dogs, and panelists reply to online viral clips of humorous animal incidents in the series, which is similar to America’s Funniest Home Videos and The Planet’s Funniest Animals.

World’s Funniest Animal Season 3 Release Date

World's Funniest Animals Season 3

We have been given an approximate release date of October 22, 2022, for the third season of the World’s Funniest Animals. In addition to viewing funny videos of pets and their owners, the show will also follow a similar format of watching jokes on the show.


As for when we will be able to say that, fans will have to wait until then. There is no doubt that this show has created a lot of anticipation and hype among fans, and viewers are expecting a lot of things from it in the future.

World’s Funniest Animal Season 3 Cast

World's Funniest Animals Season 3

The show does not have any cast members on the set. This show, however, will be accompanied by a panel of experts and hosts. As a result of the series’ cast being recast, the two members who have been on the show previously are expected to return.


In addition to Brian Cooper, Mikalah Gordon, Maiara Walsh, Neel Ghosh, Brandon Rogers, Carmen Hodgson, Noah Matthews, and Brandon Rogers, we will also have a panel of experts on our show.

It is expected that there will be some new additions to the panelists so that the show will remain fresh. It is possible, however, for some of the show’s panelists to leave the program at some point during the season.

World’s Funniest Animals Season 3 will be hosted by Elizabeth Stanton, who will not only star in the show but will also host the second season as well.

World’s Funniest Animal Season 3 Plot

World's Funniest Animals Season 3

On the CW network, there is a television show called World’s Funniest Animals that examines the world of pets that are surrounded by animals.

There are sometimes hilarious things that their owners and pets do to each other that are captured on camera. A variety of amusing animal moments will be featured in this series, including viral Youtube videos, blockbuster film and TV scenes, and funny animal moments from blockbuster movies.

A collection of outtakes, videos, and pictures of celebrities and their dogs, as well as a compilation of videos of newborns with their four-legged companions.

There is a discussion after the video is presented by Elizabeth Stanton on the panel composed of Brian Cooper, Mikalah Gordon, Maiara Walsh, Neel Ghosh, Brandon Rogers, Carmen Hodgson, and Noah Matthews.

Season two of the show includes a large number of prominent visitors, such as Colin Mochrie, Molly McCook, Parker Bates, Amara Zaragoza, and Robert Englund.

There are no plans for the upcoming season to be any different from the prior two seasons in terms of its format. A number of new guest stars are also expected to appear on the show.

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World’s Funniest Animal Season 3 Trailer

In regards to the upcoming season of the show, there is no trailer available at this time. Despite this, it is expected that the show and its production studio will release a trailer for season 3 of the show before it premieres.

There are a few clips that will be shown in the show, so we can expect the trailer to take us through a few of those clips. If you haven’t seen the trailers for season 2, we have provided a link to them so that you can watch them in case you haven’t watched them yet.

Where To Watch World’s Funniest Animal Season 3?

As a result, we are now faced with the question of what streaming services offer World’s Funniest Animals as a live show. We did some research, and the best streaming services we found were Prime Video, Disney+, HBO Max, Apple TV+, Paramount+, and All Streaming Services that are streaming this amazingly funny show.

Final Word

There was a lot of excitement during the show’s initial run during its first season. Among the many reasons why this show gained so much popularity is that it showed funny and comedic scenes of animals with their owners.

A big hit among viewers was also the appearance of guest stars on the show, which helped to make it a big hit. In terms of attracting viewers, the specials were the most effective way to do so, as they had the highest number of viewers at the time of their release.