Blacklist Season 9 Ending And Final Episodes Storyline Explained

‘The Blacklist’ is one of NBC’s most popular shows. Raymond “Red” Reddington, a former US Navy commander who has spent years as a notorious criminal, makes a deal with the FBI in this crime series. 

In exchange for his release, he is prepared to provide the FBI with a list of the most sought offenders and gather pertinent information. He has a father-daughter bond with profiler Elizabeth Keen. 


However, Red’s identity is the greatest enigma in the series. The debut of the show, which Jon Bokenkamp created, occurred on September 23, 2013.

James Spader’s (Red) performance is the centerpiece of the series, which has been a favorite among reviewers and audiences for many years. 

The fast-paced thriller drama has also been praised for its storytelling, which maintains suspense without overcomplicating the plot. Although many individuals found it difficult to accept the idea, the show is undeniably engaging.


Blacklist Season 9 Release Date

NBC ordered the ninth season of the show on January 26, 2021. The statement was made after only three episodes of the eighth season had aired. The 9th season debuted on NBC on October 21, 2021, and concluded on May 27, 2022, on NBC.

Blacklist Season 9 Ending

The season 9 conclusion of The Blacklist gives fans a preview of what season 10 may include. The individual responsible for Liz Keen’s death has passed away. This will allow the series to get past Raymond Reddington’s quest for vengeance. The acts of Marvin Gerard will have significant repercussions for Red. This is all you need to know about the ninth season finale of The Blacklist.

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Blacklist Season 9 Final Episodes Recap

Cooper interrogates Marvin, but the attorney tells him that Marvin would only speak with Panabaker. Cooper requests the Task Force. He maintains that he has the same resources as Red and his squad and is trustworthy. Cooper’s charges are dismissed following their agreement. So long as Marvin continues to live. The Task Force must prevent Red from reaching Marvin.

Marvin is presently waiting at the Calvin Coolidge Correctional Facility. This prison contains notable criminals such as No. Assassin Wujing (Chin Han), number 84 on the Blacklist. 

Wujing has an escape plan but requires legal counsel on how to reach the courts. Marvin provides Wujing with the necessary support. Wujing feels Marvin is attempting to assist Red. He requests Red’s assistance. Marvin informs Wujing that Red is the one who incarcerated him. Wujing is handed a list of Blacklisters Red assisted the FBI in arresting.

Park (Laura Sohn) and Dembe (Hissam Takfiq) are on patrol for Red. Red is observed handing money to a security officer at a correctional facility. Guards bring in Red, who informs them that he intends to infiltrate the correctional facility through a contraband channel. 

The guard is to meet Red at the tunnel. Ressler (Diego Klattenhoff) brings Marvin to the courthouse to sign the contract. The Task Force swiftly disassembles the concealed entrance to the prison. Marvin knows he has a limited amount of time before Red reaches him.

Red requests a favor from Judge Carolyn Marquez (Lana Young). His father owes him a tremendous debt of blood. He requests that she distract the judge who is handling Marvin’s case. The arrival of Marvin and Ressler to the office. 

Marvin enters the judge’s chambers alone to discover Red waiting. Red affirms that Marvin was his subordinate and that he would never be in control. Red asserts that Marvin cannot be liberated from him. Marvin is released, but Red continues to torment him, and he commits suicide.

Cooper learns about Marvin’s visit via Red. Panabaker notifies them of Marvin’s death and reveals that Red has returned as an FBI informant. Red will require a few more weeks to accompany Mierce (Karina Arroyave) and Weecha (Diany Rodrigues) to their respective homes.

On the third anniversary of Liz’s passing, the Task Force visits her cemetery and reminisces. Cooper recalls Liz’s initial visit to the bureau. Ressler acknowledges that he did not first like Liz, but she ultimately embraced him. 

Park arrives and shares her medical problem with the group. It is not, after all, a neurological condition. She’s expecting! 

Park and Aram (Amir Arison) declare their intention to take a vacation. Dembe recalls Liz as a child having so much joy playing soccer and shares this experience with the others. The members of the group share an emotional embrace.

Before he terminates his life, Marvin has one more obligation. Before leaving prison, he explains to Wujing that Red was a longtime FBI informant. Because of Red, Wujing is in prison alongside many blacklisters. Marvin then provides Wujing with a list of those removed from Red’s Blacklist.

The closing shot of Season 9 of The Blacklist depicts Wujing escaping prison. However, he explains that he has no intention of returning home. Wujing instead wants Raymond Reddington to perish. 

Wujing is aware that he cannot accomplish everything by himself, but he does not need to. Red has harmed a multitude of crooks, including Wujing.

Blacklist Season 9 Trailer

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