Queens Season 2 Release Date And Renewal Status On ABC

Queens is a musical comedy TV show produced by Zahir McGhee based on four friends — Brianna, Jill, Naomi, and Valeria. They were previously members of the hip-hop group Nasty Bitches. The lady swept across the music industry in the 1990s with their sheer talent and energy.

Hence, their current situation portrays a different picture as they hardly communicate. However, a serendipitous discussion in their forties lets them resurrect Nasty Bitches and accomplish new heights of renown.


Hence starts the quest of the last musical icons to conquer their demons and replace their rightful place as history’s biggest hip-hop group.

The show’s season 1 viewer is impressed with its amazing storyline that explores sisterhood bonds. Naturally, fans are eager to know whether the show will ever return for a second season. Here is all information we found about the  ‘Queens’ season 2!

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Queens Season 2 Release Date: Is The Show Comeback For Next Season?

Season 1 of ‘Queens’ aired on ABC on October 19, 2021. It completed its run on February 15, 2022, and has shown 13 episodes.

The producers have made no formal announcements on the series renewal for another season as of writing this article. However, analyzing the success of season 1 among fans and the several alternative plot lines remaining to explore following the closing episode, there is a strong likelihood that the program will return for at least one further season.

Given the above, the streaming platform will very certainly renew the show for a second season in the coming months.


How soon viewers will see it is determined by the network’s production schedule and the availability of cast members. If everything works well according to plan, ‘Queens’ season 2 is expected to premiere in Q4 2023.

Queens Season 2 Cast: Who Will Appear In Next Season?

The casting director did an excellent job with this show. He enlisted the talented starts for his projects.

Additionally, the actors did an outstanding job. Although the show’s comeback has not been formally confirmed, we can anticipate a nearly identical cast if and when it does.


We’ll introduce you to some fascinating characters from this show and the performers that portray them.

  • Pepi Sonuga being Lauren
  • Eve J. Cooper being Brianna
  • Naturi Naughton being Jill
  • Brandy Norwood being Naomi
  • Taylor Sele being Eric Jones
  • Nadine Velazquez being Valeria

Queens Season 2 Rating & Reviews

Everyone evaluates a show based on its rating. Typically, the ratings are the best indicator of a show’s prospects of remaining on the air. The greater the ranking, the more likely one will survive. The show has a 6.0/10 rating on IMDb and a 68 percent average audience rating on Rottentomatoes.

It is an excellent show! I appreciate the story’s framework and how truly entertaining and occasionally bizarre these characters are.

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Queens Season 2 Plot: What To Expect From Season 2?

If Queens gets renewed for a second season, we will see a lot more of the interaction between the four ladies. Brianna has been misplaced from the show since nearly being murdered halfway through the season.

She appears to have returned in the finale for the Queens global tour, but we won’t know for sure until the show is renewed.

If Brianna does return, it’ll be interesting to watch the Queens finally get the tour and time together that they almost had before Bri departed for the United States.

Additionally, we’re likely to see additional development for Lauren, Lil Muffin, and Jojo. Since Jojo published her surprise tune and Lauren released a new album and was accepted to USC, we’re likely to see both of their careers take off, as well as more of Lauren’s involvement in death row advocacy.

Jojo elected to have a paternity test to determine if Eric or Cameron was her father in the season one finale. Though she ultimately concluded that Eric was her family regardless of the outcome, watching how the findings affect her relationship with Eric will be fascinating.

Queens Season 2

Since Valeria and Tomas’ relationship ended, I’d like to see her find a genuine, decent relationship with someone who shares her values. Valeria’s family background is likewise a mystery, and it would be intriguing to watch if her mother (real or fictitious) returns in season 2.

Jill is another Queen’s member who hasn’t found love yet, and given everything she’s gone through this season with Tina and Darren; I’d be pleased to see her find love.

Do you believe the feud between her and Tina is over? Jill and Tina may have a future together now that she has released her apology music, assuming Tina forgives her.

What are your Queens season two theories? Do you believe Brianna was the one who invited them to perform at Madison Square Garden? Who do you envision Valeria marrying? Tell us in the comments below!

Queens Season 2 Trailer

As of now, there is no trailer for season 2 as the show is not yet renewed for season 2. When we get some info, we will surely update you. For now, enjoy the Queens season 1 trailer below:


Final Words

So, here you have all info about Queens season 2. I hope you like this post. If you have any questions, then please comment below! Don’t forget to share this post with your friends and relatives. If you haven’t watched the show’s previous season, then watch it now on ABC and enjoy yourself!