Titans Season 4 Release Date, Plot, Cast, Episode Count, Trailer, Where To Watch, And Many More

Titans is a superhero television series that follows Dick Grayson, a former pupil of Batman, and his crew of super pals as they join together to seek justice and self-identity. It is based on DC Comics characters and was created for broadcast by Akiva Goldsman, Geoff Johns, and Greg Berlanti.

The high-octane action-thriller debuted on DC Universe in 2018 before moving to HBO Max for its third season.


The show’s three rounds have gotten mainly favorable praise from critics, with fans openly loving the eclectic array of frail heroes. The show’s third season throws the gang for a loop as they must safeguard Gotham City from one of their own.

The heroes are at a crossroads by season’s finale, leaving fans to wonder if they will ever return to our screens. If you’re interested in whether a subsequent season will continue the team’s adventure, here’s all you need to know about Titans season 4!

Titans Season 4 Release Date: When Is Titans Season 4 Coming Out?

Fans wondered when does Titan’s season 4 come out? “HBO Max revealed at DC FanDome on October 16, 2021, that the Max Original series TITANS had been confirmed for the fourth season.”


Titans Season 4 has no confirmed release date yet; however, the show’s creators typically release a season in September or October. Therefore, if Titans Season 4 begins filming on February 28 and closes in July, the fourth season will be expected to premiere in September or October 2022.

Titans Season 4 Cast

Here is the possible main cast of Titans season 4 HBO Max:

  • Alan Ritchson in the role of Hank Hall
  • Brenton Thwaites being Dick Grayson
  • Minka Kelly will act as Dawn Granger
  • Vincent Kartheiser will play the role of Dr. Jonathan Crane
  • Conor Leslie being Donna Troy
  • Anna Diop will act as Kory Anders
  • Joshua Orpin being Conner Kent
  • Damaris Lewis being Blackfire
  • Curran Walters will perform as Jason Todd
  • Savannah Welch will act as Barbara Gordon
  • Ryan Potter in the role of Gar Logan
  • Teagan Croft will play the role of Rachel Roth
  • Jay Lycurgo in the role of Tim Drake
Titans Season 4 Release Date

Titans Season 4 Plot

The Titans battle Scarecrow and Jason/Red Hood in the third season, attempting to safeguard Gotham City in the disappearance of Bruce Wayne. Finally, with the assistance of a redeemed Jason and Barbara, the heroes prevent Scarecrow from destroying Gotham City.


The Titans return to San Francisco after leaving Gotham City in the capable hands of Barbara and ARGUS. Donna travels to Paris to see Dawn, while Blackfire makes his way back to Tamaran.

Season 4 might see the Titans return to their familiar environs as more capable protectors of San Francisco. Jason is expected to continue his redemption path and may establish his squad analogous to The Outlaws from the comic books.

Dick may teach Tim to be the next Robin, and the latter’s troubles with the hero role may be a focal point of the upcoming season. Donna may find herself working for ARGUS. Additionally, a few new heroes might join in the fight.

Titans Season 4 Trailer

There is no footage from Titans season four, but we will update this page as soon as it becomes available.

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Where To Watch Titans Season 4?

Titans Season 4 will be exclusively available on HBO Max in the United States and other eligible countries.

Countries such as the United Kingdom that do not yet have HBO Max will likely receive Titans through another platform, which in the past has been Netflix – indicating that this partnership will likely continue.

It will be released on DVD and Blu-ray later this year. For now, you can watch Titan’s previous seasons on HBO Max and Netflix.

Titans Season 4 Filming And Episode Count

Titans Season 4 Filming And Episode Count

While production for Titans season 4 continues in Toronto, Canada, another modification has been announced.

When Titans filmmaker Boris Mojsovski announced the beginning of production on his Instagram page, he was questioned how many episodes will be in the upcoming season.

Rather than the previous two seasons‘ 13 segments, Mojsovski reveals that season 4 will now consist of 12 installments.

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