Warrior Season 3 Release Date And Renewal Status On HBO Max

Warrior is an action comedy-drama show produced by Tropper crafted, and it’s based on the real idea by fictitious Bruce Lee. Fixed in the 19th era, the series spun around the Tong Wars and upheld the traditional and historical San Francisco Chinatown coated in blood.

The series displays the amazing martial crafts work specialist Ah Sahm who moves to San Francisco to find his sister, but he becomes fallen into the regional gang fight. 


Steered by Jonathan Tropper as the main lead of the series, the show has been lauded for its amazing script and unrealistic storyline. The series is stuffed with exciting energy and action scenes, and it is a wonderful timepiece with the adrenaline rush. 

The series was initially released in April 2019 and got amazing reviews from fans and experts in the industry. Two seasons have been released yet for the show. Talking about the next seasons, the network stopped production for now, so there are no updates on upcoming seasons. 

Moreover, the ending storyline of season 2 must thrill you for the next seasons, and you all want to know what happens next? So, we are here with all details about Warrior season 3. So, let’s get started!


Warrior Season 3 Release Date

Warrior Season 3 release date

HBO Max will take over the series for the next seasons. So, after watching Warrior season 3, everyone is waiting for the third one! I have good news for you guys! Warrior is finally renewed for season 3. It is also announced that it will release on HBO Max. 

But when will season 3 release? Talking about the release date, there is no fixed release date for season 3 yet. There are a lot of rumors about the release date of the series. There are very few chances to get this season this year. According to us, we can expect Warrior season 3 will release at the end of 2023. But it’s just an assumption. When we get any official info, we will surely update you!


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Warrior Season 3 Cast

Warrior Season 3 release date

The anticipated cast of season 3 is as follows:

  • Andrew Koji being Ah Sahm
  • Perry Yung will act as Father Jun
  • Langley Kirkwood in the role of Walter Franklin Buckley
  • Dianne Doan in the role of Mai Ling
  • Olivia Cheng, in the role of Ah Toy
  • Miranda Raison will perform as Nellie Davenport
  • Dean Jagger will perform as Dylan Leary
  • Jason Tobin will perform as Young Jun
  • Joe Taslim in the role of Li Yong
  • Tom Weston-Jones being Richard Henry Lee
  • Kieran Bew will act as Bill “Big Bill” O’Hara
  • Céline Buckens will act as Sophie Mercer
  • Hoon Lee will perform as Wang Chao
  • Chen Tang, in the role of Hong
  • Joanna Vanderham in the role of Penelope Blake
  • Christian McKay being Samuel Blake
  • Dustin Nguyen being Zing
  • Maria Elena Laas being Rosalita Vega

Warrior Season 3 Plot

Warrior Season 3 release date

In the second season’s final episode, Mai Ling meets Young Jun and discloses that she is Ah Sahm’s sister. In a separate development, Lee steps down from the police force despite Bill’s attempts to make apologies.

Jun approaches Ah Sahm as he ponders Sahm’s relationship with Long Zii tong. Ah, Sahm ultimately beats Irishman Leary after a bloody battle. He further cautions Leary to avoid Chinatown.

As Penelope is taken to a mental facility after being accused by Buckley, the audience is in for more surprises. Mai Ling appears to gain the upper hand as she blackmails the Deputy Mayor into shutting down Hop Wei’s business. In an unforeseen change of circumstances, Zing intends to escape from prison.

Ideally, the third season will progress the plot beyond the second season’s stalemate by answering some of the most pressing concerns. With Deputy Mayor Buckley as her pawn in the third season, Mai Ling will wield great influence.

Initially, Leary was a politician from the working class who posed a grave danger to Buckley. However, following Ah Sahm’s humiliation, Leary could find a cause to join forces with Buckley and wage war on the tongs.

Hopefully, Sophie will put her problems with Penelope aside and attempt to have her released from the facility. Furthermore, Zing’s skill set will make his escape from prison effortless.

He may even receive some support from Mai Ling. In the grand scheme of things, a battle between the Hop Wei and the Long Zii is imminent, but if Mai Ling can discern the mayor’s true intentions, she may be able to halt the conflict.

The third season will be far more sophisticated and chaotic because of the new various and intertwined storylines.

Warrior Season 3 Trailer

No trailer has been released for season 3 yet. You can check the previous season trailer, for now, that is embedded below:

Where To Watch Warrior Season 3?

The first and second seasons were released on Cinemax. The series also streamed on Hotstar. The show has been renewed for season 3, so HBO Max handover this show. So, the third season of Warrior will release on HBO Max.